The Crown of Life

James 1:12

We had cold and sleet here yesterday.  Can you believe that?  It’ll be almost 70 degrees again today, though.  Unreal. That sort of leads me to today’s topic.  Sometimes we face trials that seem unreal.  Shock sets in, which includes a numbness and a feeling of disbelief. Life can be wonderful.  But…life can also be […]

Getting Through Means Looking Up

Delight in Jesus Circle

Through several avenues, God brought me to consider loss  and desire  this week. Every single one of us has suffered loss, or losses.  As we go through life, we grieve over losses of lives, relationships, and sometimes we grieve over loss of things, opportunities, dreams.  Homes are lost, we lose employment, a diagnosis halts us, […]

In the Wilderness

Tribulation Verse

Source Are you experiencing a troubled time in your life right now?  Maybe from a job situation, a family situation, or possibly you’re just weary from a combination of things. Well, that was a negative start for something so positive to discuss on this Spectacular Sunday.  I truly don’t mean to dampen your spirits on […]

Giving Thanks in Troubled Times

I Thessalonians 5:18

Holidays can be hard.  When we’re in the middle of troubled times (the storms of life), it’s not a time for being thankful for the circumstances we’re in. Then, why does Paul tell us to be thankful in this I Thessalonians verse?  Doesn’t he understand? James, the brother of Jesus, said basically the same thing.  […]

An Amazing Free Offer

John 6:47

Source I’ve met people who say they can’t accept the free gift of Christ because they have done something “unforgivable”.  They don’t deserve it, they claim. Who does? That’s why it’s called grace. His grace to forgive when we deserve death.  Ezekiel 33:11 says: “As surely as I live, says the Sovereign Lord, I take […]