Why We Cut the Cord

Why We Cut the Cord.

Save $ Without Compromising Entertainment! Do you love it when a friend calls you with some scuttlebutt?  Personally, I love to get in on a deal.  When someone finds something wonderful, I want to know about it…when they found it, where they found it, how they found it…all the details, because I want to find […]

Window Treatment Tour

People have said I should add a home tour on my blog.  (I finally added a tour of our barn – to show ideas of things to include when building a barn, but it’s not a “show barn”.) Just couldn’t get past the idea that a home tour would seem sort of showy. Like we […]

Welcome Here!

I say often that we live in “The Land of Making Do”.  Doesn’t sound so glorious.  But, it is.  To us, anyway.  With a few drawbacks of living in the country, there are many good things.  Quiet.  Peace.  Solitude.  Not complete solitude, though.  We have neighbors on our ordinary gravel road – three couples, children […]

Christmas Wreath “Freshener”

Have you started the “Christmas twirl” yet?  You know, when you do a little of this, then get distracted and do a little of that, then your phone rings, and you can’t remember where you were in the decorating process when you hang up…so you start something new yet again…two hours later, you’ve completed nothing. […]

Best Birthday Cake Ever!

Best Birthday Cake Ever!

I’m not great at spreading frosting on a layer cake, y’all.  Not my talent.  But, my daughter requested a white cake with chocolate frosting.  Since my kids were little, I’ve been baking their cakes (most years, anyway). I know it’s almost Christmas, and that’s where your focus is right now.  This would surely be a […]

Organize Your Sock Drawer

My former sock drawer looked like a mass of mess, y’all!  Does yours?  Or is it just me?  I had a mass collection of socks, and the ones on the bottom, I hadn’t seen in years.  It took a while every morning to find what I needed in all that mess! A few months ago, […]