Savory Fig and Feta Surprise!


You know how I was nearly stung by a wasp while picking an over-ripe fig a couple of weeks ago?  (I mentioned it in my fruit harvest post.) I’ve been very careful since then.  While figs ripen only a few at a time, I’ve found ways to use just a few each day.  This “recipe” […]

What’s Blooming Wednesday #31 – The Music of Fall

Mrs. Corn Spider

There’s not much new around here as far as blooms go.  You’ll see there’s plenty going on critter-wise, though. The red cockscomb still show off bright coloring.  They dance in the breeze as if in anticipation of cooler days.  Are you dancing with excitement over the coming cool, crisp days?  I am! Mrs. Corn Spider […]

Apple Pie in a Poke

Apple Pie Slice

“I’ll have just a sliva.” That’s Southern for “Yes, thank you.  Cut me a small piece.” I asked the other day if you know what a poke is.  A paper poke.  Just wondering…did it become a poke because we poke stuff inside the sack? The miracle of baking in a poke was new to me […]

“Bring in the Harvest” Fall Tablescape

Combine Off-load of Corn

I’ve been sharing this week about the harvest of our field corn.  By the time it’s golden and dried, we are ready for the end – the harvest. On Monday, a snapped a picture of the last moments.  Literally, it was the last few seconds of the final combine load off-loading into the hopper.  The […]

Planting Day Blessings

Tractor Plowing Fields

It’s planting day here on the farm. The roar of tractor engines… the dark brown earth… driven into perfectly straight rows… little seeds shoved into the ground. Corn. Well, not yet.  But later, it will look like this. Corn stalks taller than we are.  It will become a wall of sorts, shutting us out from […]