We Believe!

John 6:47

Heavenly Father, life is so hard sometimes.  Yet…You understand. Sometimes we get discouraged…and then You breathe strength into us. Lord, we struggle.  Yet, we believe! On this spectacular Sunday, we raise our hands to You, Father.  We proclaim Your sovereignty, Your goodness, Your healing, Your Lordship.  We praise You! Image Source Thank you isn’t enough.  […]

Giving Thanks in Troubled Times

I Thessalonians 5:18

Holidays can be hard.  When we’re in the middle of troubled times (the storms of life), it’s not a time for being thankful for the circumstances we’re in. Then, why does Paul tell us to be thankful in this I Thessalonians verse?  Doesn’t he understand? James, the brother of Jesus, said basically the same thing.  […]