What To Do With All Those Ripened Pumpkins and Squash

Pumpkins/Squash Recipe Round-Up

Did you buy many baking pumpkins and squash this season?  I did.  Now that the season is drawing to a close and everything is ripening fully, it’s time to use them.  They’re very easy to roast, so never throw them away, even if you don’t live in a Land of Making Do (wink). When I […]

“Bring in the Harvest” Fall Tablescape

Combine Off-load of Corn

I’ve been sharing this week about the harvest of our field corn.  By the time it’s golden and dried, we are ready for the end – the harvest. On Monday, a snapped a picture of the last moments.  Literally, it was the last few seconds of the final combine load off-loading into the hopper.  The […]