Word for 2016: IF

John 14:15

My special word for 2014 was YET.  More specifically, Bible verses beginning with the word YET were of special interest to me.  And then, I decided to continue that focus for 2015.  Did you notice I haven’t mentioned my word for 2016?  And it’s almost the end of January! With the first step of prioritizing  and […]

The Sky is Not Falling – Pray God’s Word!

Praying God's Word

Many of you encouraged me very much week before last.  I appreciate your kind words…the Biblical truths you shared…and the prayers you uttered on our behalf.  HH and I are truly blessed! If you missed my Sunday post two weeks ago, then you’re wondering what I’m talking about.  After several weeks of silence, I spoke […]

Dancing, Anyone?

Psalm 95:1

Source Many of us sing praise songs to the Lord.  But what about dancing while we sing those praises? Have you heard that dancing is wrong?  Possibly you’ve heard that certain Christian denominations are against dancing (maybe even your own). What does God say about dancing?  Let’s go to scripture and find out the truth.  […]

Personalize It – Change “They” to “I”

Are we living in delusion?  When we read God’s word, we think it is talking about others.  “They”… If we replace “they” with “I” and “their” with “my”, it makes it hit home more directly.  We are forced to look at ourselves as the responsible party.  Ouch!  In our victimized society, who are we going […]