When You Hear the Word LOVE, Who Comes to Mind?

JOY Room

Happy Valentine’s Day! I have a different sort of tablescape post for you this week.  Our church hosts a meal and a little entertainment for our JOY (Just Older Youth) group at church each month.  It gives the older crowd a reason to gather with their friends for food, fellowship, and fun. At last week’s […]

The Elephant in the Room

Romans 15:13

I know Veteran’s Day is over, but I published Friday’s post without mentioning the fact that I appreciate all that our service men and women do for our freedoms. If you are a veteran or a veteran’s spouse, parent, or child, you have seen the sacrifice they make (or made) first-hand. And, you sacrifice(d)as well.  […]

What’s the Secret to a Safe Haven Home?

Romans 15:13

A friend reminded me recently that not everyone lives with peace in their home.  Sometimes relationships are strained and can even be abusive at times.  Let’s face it.  None of us is perfect, and when left to our own devices, we can make the lives of others in our household miserable. So, how do we […]

Thankfully, HE IS…So We Don’t Have To Be

Are you tired?  Do you feel like you constantly struggle through life? Patricia Neely-Dorsey Where do you go to find answers?  The Lord answers all questions. Because He is. Contemporary Christian music is my favorite music to listen to while driving, and Mark Schultz is a gifted artist I listen to often.  Some of his […]

God’s Most Important Promise


The most important thing God promises is our salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.  We have eternal life – life with Him after we pass to our continued existence in Heaven. And, we have Him with us right now, as well! I cannot imagine life without Him.  Can you? Yes, Jesus is alive! Let’s praise […]

Whose Words Do You Believe?


A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine from another faith was chastising The Holy Bible, all while lamenting over her life being in such a mess.  “Why me?”…”What did I ever do to deserve this?  I’m a good person!”…”Why do Christians get to have everything they want when they don’t always deserve it?”…”If […]

You Are Beautiful

1 Timothy 2:10

You may not think so, but you are beautiful.  All women are beautiful. Do you sometimes doubt it?  Does Satan whisper in your ear that you’re not good enough…not talented enough…not smart enough…not pretty enough…not strong enough…? Yes, you are beautiful.  You display a packaging of what’s inside and out.  As the inside shines the […]

How to Handle the “Unfriends”

1 Thessalonians 4:8

Has someone “unfriended” you on social media?  Did it hurt your feelings? Have you ever “unfriended” someone?  Did you feel guilty, like it might hurt their feelings? I don’t sit around watching my number of followers on Facebook or subscribers by e-mail.  But it’s a little hard to completely ignore the notices of “unfollow” and […]

Soul Revival

Psalm 118:24

Hymns and psalms have a particular focus on the Lord.  They’re all about the strength of the Lord, His love, His mighty power, His faithfulness…. I could go on listing through His many, many attributes. Image Source We’re reviving our hearts at my church today.  It started earlier than today, though.  Revival happens daily when […]

Open Hearts to Judgment – Counter to the World’s View

Proverbs 27:6

Back when I talked about the difference between a real Christian and a hypocrite, there was so much more to say.  Many in this world ridicule Christians for judging others and being hypocrites.  Others see us as judgmental, yet they judge us most harshly. God gives us instruction in His Word about judgment and how […]

Somebody Loves You

Live-Streaming Event

I’m completely positive we’re not the only ones, but HH and I have a lot going on right now in our home.  Remember in past years how I’ve talked about the furniture-in/furniture-out mode we encounter for college apartment life for our kids?  Well, it’s time again. School starts soon, and we’re moving much of the […]

The Difference Between a Real Christian and a Hypocrite

Mark 12:30

People often talk about “those Christians”, “those hypocrites”, like we’re all one and the same.  Really?  Am I really a hypocrite?  Are you? We strive to follow Jesus, His teachings, and His examples.  Through faith in Him, Christians seek to do as Jesus would.  But, Jesus was the only perfect person, and we will never […]

Be Brave!

Matthew 3:12

I hardly know what to say after the actions of our Supreme Court this week.  You may be asking, “Why is God allowing this?” Our dark world is getting darker.  Because our nation was founded on Christian principles, we were under God’s protection for many, many years.  But now, people have turned to worldly things […]

Are You Happy With Your Work?

Eccl. 3:22a

I was hanging out in Ecclesiastes recently while writing a post for the Jubilee Journey group – you know, the group that’s reading through the Bible this year.  My post had a specific focus in Psalm 90 about making our efforts successful. Let’s review Ecclesiastes 3, beginning in verse 9. What do people really get […]

Change of Heart

John 6:47

Have you known someone who had a heart attack that sent them to the hospital for heart surgery?   That’s a traumatic experience, I would imagine. There’s a different type of heart attack, though.  It requires no surgery and no hospital stay. A spiritual heart attack is one where we suddenly realize our error.  The reality […]

Arise and Do It!

Ezra 10:4

This week while reading the scriptures, I was drawn to this verse. Source We (the Jubilee Journey group) just finished reading the book of Ezra yesterday.  It is a short and wonderful book! God’s people had been in captivity for 70 years, and the Lord prompted a pagan king to allow the Israelites to return […]

Awaken Our World

Pray Without Ceasing

I’ve never read the Koran, although I know people who have read it.  As Christians, we need  to read and study God’s word to know the Truth for our own lives. But, it’s also helpful to know the basis of the actions of others and understand why they believe what they believe.  I understand very […]

Keeping Love in Christmas

I Corinthians 16:14

At our Sunday School Christmas party Friday night, a friend read the Christmas version of I Corinthians 13. It reminds us to love… Isn’t that wonderful? Life gets so crazy at Christmas time.  Our families deserve our attention and care, before devoting time for all the trappings of commercialized Christmas. If we step back and […]

Where Do Those Boxes Go?

Galatians 6:9

It’s Operation Christmas Child box time again…box packing time, that is.  Do you fill boxes each year for Operation Christmas Child? Do you wonder where they go after leaving your hands? Before heading off to the children, each box is examined at a distribution center somewhere in the U.S.  Every individual box is opened and […]

Check Out This Proverbs 31 Woman!

Proverbs 31:19

Are you intimidated when you read Proverbs 31?  Any woman who can do all those things is sheer perfection, in my book! As I read all about the rising early, the spinning and weaving, the clothes of fine linen she’s made , how does she also cloth herself with strength and dignity? And, her children […]


Jeremiah 29:13

Source Last Wednesday, I published a tablescape with a Chevron vase centerpiece.  I thought Chevron fabric napkins would look pretty on the table.   I briefly explained my frustration with finding the right presser foot for edge stitching those napkins. I won’t go into the entire story, but let’s just say my time of searching […]

Is Your Door Open?

Wedding Bible Verse

Source During this week before Valentine’s Day, love is on our minds – showing love to our Valentine.  That tune “Love is in the air…” keeps playing in my head! I’d like to travel a different path of love, while we’re on the subject.  Let’s begin with God’s love. God loves you. God doesn’t express […]

Personalize It – Change “They” to “I”

Are we living in delusion?  When we read God’s word, we think it is talking about others.  “They”… If we replace “they” with “I” and “their” with “my”, it makes it hit home more directly.  We are forced to look at ourselves as the responsible party.  Ouch!  In our victimized society, who are we going […]


Abiding Verse

In her book, Praying God’s Word, Beth Moore expands this verse through personal reflection. How do we “abide” in the love of God?  We dwell no further from His side than the place we are most keenly aware of His great affection.  Was it not the disciple who reclined against Christ Jesus who saw himself […]