Recognizing the Voice

John 10:10

Do you have negative thoughts about yourself?  Is your first reaction to a compliment one that dispels or minimizes it?  There’s a reason. The reason is not what you think.  The reason is NOT that those whispering thoughts are the truth.  And, the reason is discussed in scripture. Not everyone struggles with this.  HH says […]

He Delivers

When God takes longer than you expect to answer your prayers, do you doubt Him?  Or, do you relax, understanding that God works in His own timing? He answers prayers in ways we sometimes don’t quite understand.  And, hear this:  He gives us far better than what we asked.  (At least, that’s been my experience.) […]

Thankfully, HE IS…So We Don’t Have To Be

Are you tired?  Do you feel like you constantly struggle through life? Patricia Neely-Dorsey Where do you go to find answers?  The Lord answers all questions. Because He is. Contemporary Christian music is my favorite music to listen to while driving, and Mark Schultz is a gifted artist I listen to often.  Some of his […]

Behind Your Strong, Godly Man…


Yep.  It’s you.  The supportive, Godly woman behind your strong, Godly man…is you.  For the sake of your marriage, it better  be you. We don’t support our man because he deserves it at every moment in time (but he very likely does deserve it).  Even if we feel he never deserves it, we should support […]

You Are Beautiful

1 Timothy 2:10

You may not think so, but you are beautiful.  All women are beautiful. Do you sometimes doubt it?  Does Satan whisper in your ear that you’re not good enough…not talented enough…not smart enough…not pretty enough…not strong enough…? Yes, you are beautiful.  You display a packaging of what’s inside and out.  As the inside shines the […]

The Love List Review – Week Four

The Love List Book Review - Week Four

Here we are at the final week of reviewing The Love List  by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott.  After looking at two things to do that build love in our marriage each day, each week, and each month, today we’re looking at two things to do every year. #1:  Review Your Top Ten Highlights For […]

The Love List Review – Week Three

The Love List - Week Three

With four categories of things we should add to our love “to-do” list, we began the first week with two things we should do daily  and followed the next week with things we should do weekly. Today, it’s time to consider two things to do monthly. #1:  Rid yourselves of harmful residue   (Huh?) Do […]

How to Handle the “Unfriends”

1 Thessalonians 4:8

Has someone “unfriended” you on social media?  Did it hurt your feelings? Have you ever “unfriended” someone?  Did you feel guilty, like it might hurt their feelings? I don’t sit around watching my number of followers on Facebook or subscribers by e-mail.  But it’s a little hard to completely ignore the notices of “unfollow” and […]

Trail of Peace – Week One

Numbers 6:24-26

Did you have a low-stress Thanksgiving?  I found that focusing on de-stressing the big meal preparation helped de-stress our whole weekend.  Wherever you spent your Thanksgiving, I hope you enjoyed your time with family and friends as much as I did! As I contemplate the mood I want to encourage in my home for the […]

Soul Revival

Psalm 118:24

Hymns and psalms have a particular focus on the Lord.  They’re all about the strength of the Lord, His love, His mighty power, His faithfulness…. I could go on listing through His many, many attributes. Image Source We’re reviving our hearts at my church today.  It started earlier than today, though.  Revival happens daily when […]

Open Hearts to Judgment – Counter to the World’s View

Proverbs 27:6

Back when I talked about the difference between a real Christian and a hypocrite, there was so much more to say.  Many in this world ridicule Christians for judging others and being hypocrites.  Others see us as judgmental, yet they judge us most harshly. God gives us instruction in His Word about judgment and how […]

Forgiving Brings Forgiveness

Matthew 6:14-15

Forgiveness is a word that repeatedly reared its ugly head during the last few weeks of my life.  I say ugly head  because forgiveness sometimes is hard…and ugly.  Quite frankly, sometimes we just plain don’t want to do it.  There.  I said it. Firstly, HH and I discussed it when I joked about needing his […]

Live In the Moment

Psalm 118:24

A friend (JA) and I were talking last week about living in the moment. She has several friends who recently made a commitment to live fully into whatever they are doing at the time. No distractions by thoughts of doing other things while accomplishing a task. No wandering thoughts while someone is speaking. No checking […]