The Elephant in the Room

Romans 15:13

I know Veteran’s Day is over, but I published Friday’s post without mentioning the fact that I appreciate all that our service men and women do for our freedoms. If you are a veteran or a veteran’s spouse, parent, or child, you have seen the sacrifice they make (or made) first-hand. And, you sacrifice(d)as well.  […]

Whose Words Do You Believe?


A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine from another faith was chastising The Holy Bible, all while lamenting over her life being in such a mess.  “Why me?”…”What did I ever do to deserve this?  I’m a good person!”…”Why do Christians get to have everything they want when they don’t always deserve it?”…”If […]

Where Are You, God?

Proverbs 19:21

When life is good, people don’t always notice whether God is there or not, even Christians.  But, when hard things happen, that’s when we turn to God. We wonder why He allows pain and suffering, tragedy, disaster…. Where are you, God? There is so much suffering in our world, why doesn’t God do something?  That’s […]

The Crown of Life

James 1:12

We had cold and sleet here yesterday.  Can you believe that?  It’ll be almost 70 degrees again today, though.  Unreal. That sort of leads me to today’s topic.  Sometimes we face trials that seem unreal.  Shock sets in, which includes a numbness and a feeling of disbelief. Life can be wonderful.  But…life can also be […]

Tools for a Superb Marriage – Week 1

The Power of Prayer

HH and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in early December.  No cheering – it’s all by the grace of God! God’s been in our marriage all along and was actually in both of our lives before marriage.  Together, under His divine leadership (and patience!), we have been guided: through the twists and turns, to […]

Is It Well With Your Soul?

Psalm 23:4

HH’s favorite hymn has origins from tragic events.  I recently read the account of how Horatio G. Spafford came to the point of writing the hymn It Is Well With My Soul.  It’s a faith story, and there’s a beautiful lesson in it. As an attorney who was heavily invested in Chicago real estate, Horatio […]

We Believe!

John 6:47

Heavenly Father, life is so hard sometimes.  Yet…You understand. Sometimes we get discouraged…and then You breathe strength into us. Lord, we struggle.  Yet, we believe! On this spectacular Sunday, we raise our hands to You, Father.  We proclaim Your sovereignty, Your goodness, Your healing, Your Lordship.  We praise You! Image Source Thank you isn’t enough.  […]

Mother’s Day for the Motherly

Happy Mother's Day to the Motherly

Happy Mother’s Day! Source Many women have been blessed with children, truly a blessing from God.  But, what about those who have no children?  Does that mean God has withheld something from them? Do you know someone who isn’t a mother but is motherly to many?  She serves others in general as she would care […]

Praying for Our Leaders

Bald Eagles

Whether or not we agree with the decisions our government leaders are making, we need to pray for them.  Even if they aren’t praying…especially if they aren’t praying before making decisions on our behalf, we need to pray. Our founding fathers obviously were seeking God when they formed our more perfect union.  How could they […]

What (or Who) Inspires You?

Last week on Thursday, I participated in Blogelina’s Blogger’s Night Out.  It was an afternoon and night of informative blogging articles and give-away fun.  At one point, Tanya @Blogelina asked us to share what we do for inspiration.   Of course, we were discussing blog post ideas, but it can apply to anything.  So, I ask […]