Vanity Stool Update – Tutorial

I’ve become a regular at the thrift shop I discovered in April.  It’s the store where I found the garden-themed dishes and the fruit stemware I used in “The Color Purple” Tablescape. This little vanity stool was included in the haul from a follow-up visit.  There is a storage compartment inside the removable seat, just […]

Fabulous Fabric Finds

What was I thinking? I mean, where are my manners? I apologize.  Deeply! Can I blame my over 50-ness, once again?           ADD?    ODD? Or mental-pause? How about CRS disease?  (Can’t Remember Stuff, y’all.) My mom really did raise me better than that.  I promise. So, I’m here to correct the previous (and unintentional) omissions of […]

Manic Over Textiles

White Cotton Sheen

I was just wondering.  What gets your heart rate up?  Do you have times when you are excited about life, thrilled to be wherever you are, and just plain joyful? And, then there’s the time you walk into a fabric store…and giddiness sets in. You suddenly become someone you don’t recognize – animated…arms flailing…wanting to […]