Bunnies at Breakfast

Bunnies at Breakfast

Happy first day of spring!  I don’t normally publish tablescape posts on Mondays, but this table needs to be shared today on this first day of spring. Meet me in the breakfast room to welcome spring… You’ll find plenty of bunnies here. Bunny plates from Tuesday Morning or T. J. Maxx last year. Bunny oat […]

It IS a Good Friday!

At the Cross, MATTHEW 27.42

Here’s one tiny thing that’s good about today. And, here’s a huge thing that’s good about today. I never understood why we call this day Good  Friday.  Jesus suffered horribly – the worst way anyone could be put to death.  So, why is today called good? I thank God He didn’t  come down from the […]

Pink Tulips and Eggs for Easter

Plastic Eggs Nested with Ribbon and Twine

The pink tulips I bought a few weeks ago as young plants grew into blooms suddenly last week.  I quickly set an Easter table that we have enjoyed for several rounds of guests and family visits. I gathered a bunny and a few tiny sparkly eggs for the centerpiece. My family members keep walking by, […]

Butterscotch Robin Egg Nests

Robin Egg Nests

Are you gathering with family and (or) friends this weekend for an egg hunt?  As we approach Easter, I thought you might want something fun to make for kids.  Hunting eggs can really work up a hunger! Do you make hay stacks during Christmas time?  We love hay stacks.  They’re also called Chinese Butterscotch Crunchies. […]

Eggs Breaking Open for Sweet Tweets

Eggs and Chicks Easter Table

Things are looking like spring! We have eggs! Plenty of eggs. In insulators. In teacups. Eggs balanced on plate stacks. Eggs surrounding the candelabra. A few hatchlings breaking through. Chicks, I believe. Baby chicks nestled in flower pots. Welcome to the world, sweet fuzzy ones. Listen…the sound of sweet-tweets. Tomorrow, we officially welcome spring. Easter’s […]

New Life on Easter

John 6:47

Happy Easter, everyone.  This is truly the most spectacular Sunday of all! God’s plan for our redemption was completed in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  He gives us new life if we accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.  Let us praise Him this glorious day! Thank you for visiting! ~ I’d like to invite you […]

Rabbit-Ear Napkin Fold

DIY Rabbit Ear Napkin Fold

I played around with a few supplies and came up with something new and amazing (not really that amazing, but it sounded good).  These napkin rings and napkin fold are easy projects anyone can do in their own Land of Making Do.  (No rocket-science degree required here.) You saw these rabbit-ear napkins yesterday in my […]

Bunny Ear Napkins – Tutorial

Beginning Fold

Hippity-hoppity…. I promised to show you how to fold dinner napkins into bunny ears, so today is the day.  If you want to see these napkins on the Easter tablescape, visit Bunny Feet On The Table. When decorating my Easter table, I brought out these fancy-ish napkins.  These were plain white napkins I bought on […]

Bunny Feet On The Table

Easter Table 2013

Does the thought of feet on the table seem gross to you? A rocking chair, too…on the table? Sometimes you want a little surprise.  You want to think outside the box – or, maybe basket, in this case. Shocking, I know…feet on the table.  But, these are cute, clean feet.  Bugs Bunny-ish, even. What’s wrong […]

Easter/Spring Door Decor

Spring/Easter Door Collage

Have you been waiting?  Patiently waiting?  I’ve heard no complaints, but I thought you were a little weary of the panels this and panels that, panels, panels, and more panels.  Aren’t you even sick of that word? Sewing season for me is during times of extreme cold and extreme heat.  I had such plans!  Bedroom […]