Eggs Breaking Open for Sweet Tweets

Eggs and Chicks Easter Table

Things are looking like spring! We have eggs! Plenty of eggs. In insulators. In teacups. Eggs balanced on plate stacks. Eggs surrounding the candelabra. A few hatchlings breaking through. Chicks, I believe. Baby chicks nestled in flower pots. Welcome to the world, sweet fuzzy ones. Listen…the sound of sweet-tweets. Tomorrow, we officially welcome spring. Easter’s […]

All Things Easter – a Tablescape

Vine Carrots

Bunnies and carrots go together at Easter.  The concrete bunny is new for the garden this year.  Before he gets dirty outside, he’s useful for a little indoor enjoyment. You may be surprised that I actually bought a few new things for Spring this year.  Even The Land of Making Do needs little additions now […]

Fabric Easter Eggs

Fabrics are fun and create excitement.  The colors, patterns, and combinations can be thrilling!  What better way to “color” Easter eggs than with fabric?   No messy dyes, and the combination of colorful and textured swatches are similar to a delicious assortment of food on a plate. To make these fabric egg designs, visit your […]