Romantic Room with Rod Pocket Panels

Romantic Rod Pocket Panels

Happy Friday, everyone! While I still have a few more small touches for the guest room, here’s the look so far.  I’d planned to re-cover the Euro pillows, but I think this look is more true to the time period.  So, I don’t know…maybe I’ll leave the bedding as is. Then again, maybe I’ll get […]

Today is THE DAY Community Groups Begin

Be A Panel Queen Sewing Community

Happy New Year!  How will your today  be different from your yesterday? When discussing New Year’s Eve with our kids on Wednesday, HH and I tried to explain that, to us, it’s just another day.  Their strong reply? No, it isn’t!!!! Ha…we really know how to push their buttons.  (And, they are right in some […]

Plan Your Someday!

Your Someday

I have big news for you today – something fun in our future.  I’m very excited about it all, and I hope you will be, too. Do you have projects you’d like to complete someday?  Do you put off sewing projects, only to find someday  never comes? For your home decor sewing projects, your someday […]

How to Compute Drapery Pleats

Goblet Pleats

Do you get confused when trying to compute your drapery pleats?  Between the spacing for each pleat and the spacing between, it can get pretty confusing sometimes. And, I don’t know anyone who can explain it as well as HomeDecGal, who is a whiz at window treatments.  Actually, her name is Susan Woodcock, and she’s […]

Hold Those Drapery Panel Returns Securely – the easy way!

Managing Panel Edges

Want to see an easy way to secure panel returns? We want to keep our drapery panel returns at a nice, crisp angle from the wall.  My goal is to always find the most efficient and economical way of accomplishing a task, and with minimal supplies. This is the returned edge of the 5″ pleated […]

5-Inch Drapery Pleats for Tall Ceilings

Goblet Pleat Panels

I read in one of my window fashions design books that it’s a good idea to use five-inch pleats (over the usual four-inch) when you have a ceiling height that’s over eight feet.  I took the opportunity to try it with these new pleated drapery panels in our family room. I don’t think anyone will […]

Sew Easy Cartridge Pleats – A Tutorial

Cartridge Pleats

Are you familiar with window treatments made with Cartridge pleat detailing? They normally have a very contemporary look. Being more of a traditionalist, I’ve never been that wild about them…until I saw a picture of cartridge pleat panels with a wide fringe. This white cotton trim was only $6.99/yard at Hob Lob – a bargain […]

Have I Got A Deal For You!?!

Craftsy Class

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you’re relaxing and enjoying family time today.   I didn’t want to interrupt special times, but I have something of value to share with you – something that is time-sensitive, too. If you’re like me, you avoid any form of shopping in public during this entire weekend.  {If you’re not like me, […]

Drapery Rod Installation – You CAN Do It Alone!

Half Rod in Place

How many times have you needed a second pair of hands for a task involving tools?  When it comes to hanging window treatments, especially long, double-window rods, you might think it impossible without help.  You’ve got the two long rods that fit together, and sometimes an extender that fits inside the two end rods.  That’s […]