Tips to Eliminate the “Oh, Deer!”


A reader and friend who lives at the other end of my state (Mississippi) emailed me before Easter.  She asked me to write a post about what to plant that the deer won’t eat.  They have eaten everything in her yard down to a nub.  Oh, deer  is right! Why didn’t I think of writing […]

Oh, Deer! A Tablescape of Reality

Dowell Deer Center Collection

Do you have an abundance of deer where you live?  Do they eat your bushes and tree fruit, scraping antlers against your trees? Our plentiful deer inspired this Christmas table. I began putting the tablescape together by gathering things from around the house.  Many are clearance items I’ve bought over the years. A few things […]

“Deer Sledding in the Snow” Winter Table

Center Collection

With our cold weather this week, I’m in the mood for snow.  We don’t have snow outside, though.  Just cold temperatures!  My table reflects my mood, and it’s obvious with the sled, snow-covered pine cones, and the deer prancing on the snow-type table runner.  What fun it was to create a snow scene in my […]