Add Spring From Inside to Out

Spring Birds Vignette

I visited Shannon at Belle Bleu Interiors last week to see her easy spring vignette, her spring foyer, and her creative decorating idea.  Such lovely spring changes!  And, you’ll be tickled by the bunny in her foyer. Shannon inspired me to make some changes to my foyer table, which is my great-grandmother’s vintage sewing machine.. […]

Red Chairs Out! New Antique Chairs In!

New Arrangement

I had a revelation recently.  After moving arm chairs into the kitchen, we were enjoying the larger seating.  Until… Spunky Daughter visited with three of her friends. What a pain to move those big chairs as we added more around our table-made-larger-with-added-leaves.  I was a bit embarrassed for the inconvenience to guests as they scooted […]

Vintage Kitchen Tree and Two Friends You Need to Meet

Vintage Cookie Cutter Kitchen Tree @

After my first Periscope (#CurtainQueenScope) Friday morning, I completed the project I was working on while live video was rolling.  Creative juices were flowing, so I decided to play with the evergreen tree I got on clearance at Tuesday Morning after Christmas.  I’d been thinking of making it into a kitchen tree. You saw the […]

Corded Table Topper DIY

Corded Table Topper

I’m a push-over when it comes to fabric.  I guess maybe you knew that already.  Last week, I shared how I made a Tailored Table Skirt from a remnant and also one from a table-cloth.  I love adding toppers for color and versatility because you can change them easily. This table topper piece was a […]

Banded Bed Skirt for Added Length – An Easy DIY

Trash Can Bedside Table

Do you remember last month when we moved our two kids into a college apartment together?  Our upstairs bedrooms suddenly had empty spaces (which was a little refreshing, actually).  I’m still in the process of re-arranging and tweaking bedding. HH’s mother gave Spunky Daughter (SD) a 4-poster bed and mattress set.  SD thought a 4-poster […]

An Exciting PillowCubes Announcement – Change Can Be a Wonderful Thing!

Old Pillows, New Inserts

I received this notification from PillowCubes yesterday. Major Update This Week: We NOW sell pillows individually and NOT BY THE CASE! Here is what PillowCubes says about the changes: This week we made a major change to our website and business model. Instead of selling our pillows by the case, we are testing out selling […]

5-Inch Drapery Pleats for Tall Ceilings

Goblet Pleat Panels

I read in one of my window fashions design books that it’s a good idea to use five-inch pleats (over the usual four-inch) when you have a ceiling height that’s over eight feet.  I took the opportunity to try it with these new pleated drapery panels in our family room. I don’t think anyone will […]

I Hadn’t Thought to Decorate Our Staircase Before!

Staircase Landing Decoration

Remember earlier this week when I showed you the wooden boxes I stacked to hide an electrical outlet (Practicality Rules in Our Family Room Arrangement)? I mentioned I no longer need the boxes to hide the outlet because new drapery panels will cover it soon. Also, since moving our chairs across the room, our lamps […]

Practicality Rules in Our Family Room Arrangement. What Rules in Yours?

Game Table Addition

Did you glean some furniture arranging tips from yesterday’s post?  After pondering things overnight, did you wake up and move furniture this morning?  Just wondering…since that’s what happened with me after reading the two links I shared. Our family room wall configuration is just plain odd.  There are three entrances into the room and three […]

Sew Easy Cartridge Pleats – A Tutorial

Cartridge Pleats

Are you familiar with window treatments made with Cartridge pleat detailing? They normally have a very contemporary look. Being more of a traditionalist, I’ve never been that wild about them…until I saw a picture of cartridge pleat panels with a wide fringe. This white cotton trim was only $6.99/yard at Hob Lob – a bargain […]

Switch Your Switch Plate to Something Fabulous!

New Switch Plate in Place

How was your weekend?  Did you get some chocolates for Valentine’s Day?  No pouting if you didn’t.  We can now get Valentine’s candy on clearance. 😉  If you buy hard candy for Operation Christmas Child boxes throughout the year, now’s the time to stock up. Speaking of clearance, Craftsy’s 50%-off sale ends today.  Sign up […]

New Paint for French Country Plate Shelf

Annie Sloan Color Arles with Dark Wax

She’s got style, she’s got grace… After baring my soul paint failures to you last week, here’s the big ta-da.  Yay, it’s finished! The paint color road was a long one.  But in the end, the shelf turned out exactly like my vision (after nearly tossing in the towel). Remember how I decided to sleep […]

ADHD with Painting Excursions in My Kitchen

Shelf Paint Change #2

WHAT COLOR WILL IT BE? In my Rise and Shine! tablescape post this week, I mentioned painting my plate shelf and an ADHD realization.  Since I’ve had such fun with your comments to the ADHD accusation symptoms, I thought sharing the layer upon layer of paint progression of color changes with said shelf might be […]

Our Tour of Oak Alley

Oak Alley Plantation

Since the weather is perfect for motorcycle touring right now, HH and I took a long weekend to head farther south. Along our way to Vicksburg, we saw cotton fields so full, they looked like waste-deep snow.  It must be a high cotton year, y’all. The following day, we continued our ride into Southern Louisiana.  […]

7 Senses Satisfied Through Decor

Oversized Antique Scissors on Display

These sense-able tips apply to any room – and should be considered when decorating throughout our homes.   A particularly tough room to decorate is a work space.  Why shouldn’t it also be an enjoyable space? After moving the necessary furnishings for creative work into my project studio, I turned my attention to things that increase […]

Choosing a Bed Skirt Style

How to Choose a Bed Skirt Style

One of my dearest friends from the old Georgia neighborhood asked me to make a bed skirt and two shams for the bedroom of her youngest daughter (and fourth child). To give you a little background, my friend’s third child (another daughter) and Spunky Daughter are the same age.  I rocked her baby girl right […]

Summer Junkin’ – Excursions and Inspirations

Rooster Napkin Rings

While visiting an Atlanta area Pottery Barn early this summer, I considered blowing my entire travel budget on these melamine dishes.  With rope edged detailing and uneven texture, they look so much like pottery! The napkins were beautiful, too.  I used a lot of restraint! New is always nice, but antiques (or junk) give you […]

Thanksgiving in August: Holiday Pre-Planning

Thanksgiving Pre-Planning

I know it’s only August.  And barely August, at that.  Yes, you have plenty of time for planning before Thanksgiving rolls around. But…here’s where we pause and think back on last year, remember how you wished you had ordered certain things before the last-minute, before it was too late? I’d like to help you avoid […]

5-Step Wallpaper DIY

Smoothing Wallpaper

I promised this wallpaper tutorial when I published the Laundry Room Decision and Reveal last month.  Wallpaper is not that popular anymore.  But…some readers like wallpaper and there are some beautiful custom papers out there, too. You probably noticed I didn’t rush in getting the tutorial published (no one was begging for it right away), […]

Baptismal Sunday – A Poetic Tablescape

Family Baptismal Picture

Did your grandparents go to a pond (or possibly a river) for baptism? HH’s grandparents did – along with many friends and relatives.   We have a picture of them in the water, waiting in line for their turn.  The crowd along the bank watches the special service. Many years ago, I found this shadow box […]

Laundry Room Essentials – Vintage Inspired

Vintage Laundry Room Wall

Welcome back to my laundry room!  Like you, it’s the place that captures much of my time.  Why not make it fun to be in that place that requires so many hours of your life? You saw the wallpaper wall in my previous post about my laundry room decision. The cabinet wall looks quite different […]

Re-Upholster a Footstool

Re-Upholstered Footstool

You may have noticed this footstool in the pictures from making new window treatments and shams for the master bedroom. Since the bed is tall, I use this footstool every day.  I am short – especially compared to HH and our offspring. Here is the newly covered footstool in the master.  Notice it matches the […]

Old Apple Crate – Restore and Re-purpose!

Apple Crate Restored

It’s so nice to be home!  If you missed yesterday’s post about handling road snakes, you might not know we were gone for ten days.   As wonderful as it is to get out and see our beautiful country, it’s always great to come home, unpack, and resume a “normal” schedule again. I’ll share more […]

One Sham, Two Looks – a Tutorial

One Sham - Two Looks

I shared the new master king shams with you last week.  Although I’ve already provided the tutorial for the Pillow Shams With a”No-Flop” Flange and the tutorial for How to Sew Mitered Corners, there are a few additional details I need to share about making these two-sided king shams. For the king size, cut the […]

Computing Yardage with Pattern Repeat

Computing Yardage with Fabric Repeat

On Tuesday, I shared the requested information for matching fabric patterns when sewing seams.  Computing yardage for fabric with a pattern repeat is another topic a few readers have asked me to provide. In an attempt to be clear, I’ll explain the formula in detail and define some terms.  At the end of this post, […]

DIY Pillow from Thrifted Chico’s Jacket

Cutting Pillow

I made this easy pillow from a thrift store treasure – a Chico’s® zip jacket for $3.  Score!  The jacket fabric is a soft cotton knit, similar to a sweatshirt.  The pillow was easy and quick to assemble – with no hand-sewing required.  I love that. The pom-poms are an added bit of whimsy.  Don’t […]

Anytime Tablescape – Blue on White

Dutch Shoe Ornament

Sometimes you need to set a special table… when there is no holiday or memorial or season…or designated theme. Perhaps friends are coming to visit. Or, maybe it’s that your family is needing something special to shake things up a bit. Or, it could be as simple as needing to put something under a cloche… […]

DIY Framing with Bookpage Mounting Corners

Gluing Framing Corners

Here’s how it all started: PAM (Painter Artist Mom) recently cleared out her antique frame stash and gave me many of them. Along with 8x10s, I brought home about eight 20×24″ frames.  Most are needing repair, but all are charming just as they are.  Ah…the character of old frames. The Search: In thinking of what […]

Help! Opinions, Please?

Full Laundry Wall

Do you have dirty little secrets?  I guess we all do. We’ve lived in this house for over six years, and I haven’t done much to doll up my laundry room.  Just to give you warning, this post is not a home tour or any part of what might become one. Think I have enough […]