DIY Cork Labels

DIY Cork Labels

Last year, when I updated a bathroom upstairs, I used old whiskey/wine decanters for things we women commonly use in a bathroom.  Rubbing alcohol and distilled water are in these two clear bottles. At some point this year, I acquired a third decanter and planned to use it for hydrogen peroxide.  Since peroxide should be […]

Falling for Acorns

Hershey Kiss Acorns

Are you ready for fall?   Once again, I’m facing a new season, and I’m. NOT. Ready. To help me (and hopefully you) get motivated for fall treats and projects, I decided to post a round-up of some Acorn favorites. First things first:  the front door, of course.  I love this Fall Wreath with Acorns by […]

Ribbon Christmas Tree Decor

Ribbon Christmas Tree Decor

While making Christmas pillow slip-covers a couple of weeks ago, I decided to do something with this burlap canvas. I bought a set of two on clearance at Wally World earlier this year, and they rested on the shelf since making some guest bath updates.  The burlap squares waited patiently for some inspiration to strike. […]

DIY Pom-Pom Valentine Wreath

DIY Pom-Pom Valentine Wreath

I made pom-pom scarves in several colors last year.  The scarves were very quick and easy to make.  If you only know a little about crochet, you can do this!  Every stitch is a single crochet – one time down the length of the scarf, and then back up again.  Single crochet. What does making […]

The Perfect Last-Minute Christmas Gift

Craftsy Sale

Craftsy has had a sale going on for a few days, and I found out this morning they are extending it through Christmas day.  Can you imagine that someone would still be needing a gift on Christmas day? Considering some of my family members, maybe it’s not so far-fetched.  One member of my family in […]

DIY Embroidery Note Cards – Tutorial

Leaf Cookie Cutters

It’s corn harvest time here on our farm.  I’m so into all things Fall!  I’ll share more about the harvest this week, y’all.  Several harvest pictures were included in yesterday’s Fall Harvest – Sufficient Rains post, so if you missed it, click that link to see what’s going on around the farm. On Saturday, I […]

Rosette Napkin Rings

I didn’t mention the napkin rings in my Piggly Wiggly China Debut.  I wanted to save them for their special day, their very own spotlight. There are MANY ideas for rosette napkin rings floating around.  Just ‘google’ it, as we say.  You’ll get thousands of examples – ways to make them and things you can […]

Make a Decorative Bow

I thought I’d run through the process of bow making, since it’s Christmas time.  We’re decking our halls with holly and adding decorative bows.  Please pardon the orange, but I’m using pictures from making a bow at Halloween. I struggled with bow-making for many years, probably trying too hard and over-complicating it. Once you learn […]