Fiesta Potato Taco Bake

Fiesta Potato Taco Bake

When one of you commented last week that you’d like to see inexpensive dishes to feed a crowd, I thought of this one right away.  I don’t normally publish two recipe posts in one week, but this is your lucky week!  🙂 I actually made this for supper last night because I didn’t have proper […]

How to Make Tasty, Healthy Popcorn – Happy National Popcorn Day!

How to Make Fresh Popcorn

Yes, this is the big Travel Case reveal! In the Dinner on the Train Tablescape post the other day, I promised to share what’s inside the travel case.  Are you ready? After reading today’s post title, I’m sure you already know what it is.  Ha! Happy National Popcorn Day! 🙂 Of course, we want popcorn […]

Quick Fix Biscuit Mix

I may have created a tongue-twister title, but the reason is a good one.  With this biscuit mix, biscuits really ARE a quick fix! Since publishing my 3-ingredient scratch biscuits, I’ve been itching to share this nifty time-saving trick. Last summer, I showed you my technique for making prepackaged graham cracker pie crust mix.  This […]

What To Do With All Those Ripened Pumpkins and Squash

Pumpkins/Squash Recipe Round-Up

Did you buy many baking pumpkins and squash this season?  I did.  Now that the season is drawing to a close and everything is ripening fully, it’s time to use them.  They’re very easy to roast, so never throw them away, even if you don’t live in a Land of Making Do (wink). When I […]

Roasted Acorn Squash Soup

Roasted Acorn Squash Soup at Curtain Queen Creates

One day last month, I salivated over a roasted butternut squash soup that Lulu shared on her blog, Lulu’s Musings.  I had purchased an acorn squash just a few days before, and Lulu said acorn squash should work just fine. I waited a couple of weeks so I could use the acorn squash in the […]

Viking Cooking School – Southern Specialties from the Hit Movie “The Help”

Lauren Instructing

Last week, I mentioned taking a Viking cooking class and learning to fry chicken (cheering in the background by HH).  Minny’s chicken.  Minny, the maid, is a character who regularly made chicken in the movie The Help. I’ve wanted to take a cooking class at Viking for…well,…forever!  Viking Range Company, located in Greenwood, Mississippi, shipped […]

PAM’s Lemon Ice Box Pie

Lemon Ice Box Pie Slice

At every family gathering, it’s the favorite. Its presence on the desert counter is requested more than any other. It’s PAM’s (Painter Artist Mom) Lemon Ice Box Pie. It’s sweet. Yet, it’s tart. It’s refreshing. I wish you could taste it right now! Beware.  It’s possible and highly probable to become a family favorite at […]

French Lavender Carrots

Lavender Carrots

I know!  Y’all may think I’ve gone completely lavender crazy.  French lavender this, and French lavender that.  And, now, French Lavender Carrots? These are the sweetest carrots I have ever eaten.  Ever! I think you’ll like them, too. And the quick stove-top cooking is a wonderful thing on a busy week night. The only thing […]

Craftsy? What’s that?

It’s rare that I publish two posts on the same day, but I wanted to give you something to check out over the weekend.  Don’t we all love something new to consider during a little leisure reading time?  I hope you’ll visit Craftsy to see all they offer – perhaps a way to discover a […]

Lemon Basil Chicken (or Turkey) Salad

Lemon Basil Chicken Salad

This salad is terrific to use when you have leftover chicken of any kind.  I’ve used rotisserie chicken, lemon chicken, baked chicken – well, everything except barbecue chicken. I’ve also used leftover turkey meat after Thanksgiving, and it is delicious – and a nice change from the flavors we associate with Thanksgiving.  I’m not saying […]

Aunt Virginia’s German Lasagna

Final Cheese Layer

Aunt Virginia was my great-aunt – my grandfather’s sister. She was a doodle.  Spunky.  Sweet.  And, cute – all the way to her retirement home years.  She was a bingo player.  Well, an anything player. Aunt Virginia had it going on! I loved to hear her talk.  She was a Northerner, after all.  HBD (Handy […]

Muscadine Cobbler a la Mode

Muscadine Cobbler a-la-mode

I have a friend who shared a delicious Muscadine Cobbler recipe with me – just as we neared the end of Muscadine season.  She’d found the recipe on-line (off of her i-phone) and didn’t know exactly the source. I made the cobbler with part of the grapes I had remaining after making the Muscadine Grape […]

Peggy’s Beef Stroganoff

Peggy's Beef Stroganoff

It’s a family favorite. My friend, Peggy, and I have shared many things.  We became friends in our Sunday School class when we were young brides.  We had our children together – well, along the same time-frame.  Our kids played together. We’ve shared recipes – mostly hers!  We shared time wallpapering her kids’ bathroom – […]

Pear Relish

Canning the Pears

Have you ever eaten pear relish? “What is pear relish eaten with?” you may be asking. Um, well…I like it on ham or turkey sandwiches, hot dogs, and anything involving mayo and mustard.  Yes, hamburgers…it’s very good on hamburgers. Some people eat it with home-grown field peas…black-eyed peas…crowder peas…and green beans.  This chow-type relish is […]

Vegetable Bounty Recipes

Our meal last night was delicious!  As promised last night in Vegetable Bounty Tablescape, today I’m sharing the recipes for the corn pudding and the roast beef. The Dynasty Corn Pudding is actually a recipe by none other than Linda Evans.  Can you believe it?  Yes, she can cook.   A few years ago, I tore […]

Cream Cheese Cracker Spread

Cream Cheese Cracker Spread

  Last weekend, I needed a cracker dip to take to a gathering.   I didn’t quite have all the ingredients needed for the spread recipe I normally use, so I improvised.  As it turned out, it actually tasted better than my old recipe. That’s hard to believe, I know.  It doesn’t always work out that […]

Marshmallow Brownies – Yum!

Brownie Batter

Over the weekend, we hosted a gathering of young adults and needed something sweet to add to our Tex-mex meal. This “Marshmallow Brownies by Six Sisters” recipe was in my “to try” stack.  They were a hit with my family – and the gathering – but, let me warn you – they are rich.  I […]

Lemon Tea Cakes

These delicious little lemon flat cakes were the featured tea cakes in the Lemon Inspired Tablescape I posted a few days ago.  See?  I didn’t forget to share the recipe.  You are amazed, I know. Let me be clear.  I absolutely DO forget a lot of things.  Call it ADD, absent-minded (yes, the brain is […]

Baked Sweet Potato Fries

I love sweet potatoes.  Do you? I made sweet potato fries before they were vogue.  Long ago, I bought a recipe book that was a compilation of recipes from women in a Bible Study, where someone shared this healthy way to “fry” sweet potatoes. After making these yummy “fries” the first time, I was hooked.  […]

Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

When our kids were small, we craved time with other adults.  Luckily, a few of our Sunday School classmates did, too!  We started a supper club – a meal together, just the adults, once a month. At one of these favorite dinners, our hostess prepared Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo.  Such deliciousness!  My first thought was, “This […]

Cool Snap Chili

When it’s “burn day” on a cool December day, it’s time for some Chili!  Cool  Saturdays are great for the guys around here to make a pile of fallen trees and strike a match. While they’re leaning on their shovels and stoking the fire, I chop a couple of yellow onions and sauté them in […]

Crowd Pleaser Butterscotch Cake

Butterscotch Pound Cake

My friend, Debbie, shared this cake recipe with me several years ago.  It is easy to make and loved by everyone. Debbie gave me permission to share her recipe.  You’ve got to try it.  You’re gonna love it – your guests will, too.  I took this cake on a high-school girl’s trip two or three […]

Best Birthday Cake Ever!

Best Birthday Cake Ever!

I’m not great at spreading frosting on a layer cake, y’all.  Not my talent.  But, my daughter requested a white cake with chocolate frosting.  Since my kids were little, I’ve been baking their cakes (most years, anyway). I know it’s almost Christmas, and that’s where your focus is right now.  This would surely be a […]

Home Made Vanilla Extract

Home-made Vanilla Extract

Years ago, a friend had a pretty bottle on her kitchen counter containing a dark liquid.  When I asked about it, she told me it was vanilla.  She shared her concoction, and I followed her instructions to make my own. Having a young family at the time, I was baking in huge quantities and spending […]

THE Peanut Butter Cake

THE Peanut Butter Cake

Not too long ago, I met a fun group of friends, who were friends of a friend of a friend….  You get the picture.  A lunch outing, and the group grows when other friends join in.  Fun, y’all! Shortly after sitting at our table, this certain fun new friend started talking about this Peanut Butter […]