Chicken Pasta Pitch-In

Chicken Pasta Pitch-In

When I made chicken pasta one night last month, I wanted to jump onto Facebook Live and demonstrate how quick and easy this dish is to put together. You can make it in many different ways – to the point of not thinking you’ve made it with the same process.  See the lighter version  at […]

Quick and Easy PINEAPPLE Cutting 101

Pineapple Cutting 101

Pineapple has such a rough coating to remove, doesn’t it?  And, once you get the coating off, the fruit is very slippery!  If you don’t create flat surfaces to cut against, it’s nearly impossible to hang onto. Just as with cutting watermelon (see that video here), I’m sure you have a technique you’ve used for […]

Graham Cracker Pie Crust + Pre-Packaging Tips for Quick Pies

Pie Crust Mix

I stole this idea from Painter Artist Mom (PAM).  She explained recently how she prepares and packages the crumbs and sugar ahead of time for making graham cracker crusts quickly and easily. Aren’t moms the best?  PAM is loaded with helpful information!  When making PAM’s Lemon Ice Box Pie over the weekend, I decided to […]

Date Nut Cookies – DIY Slice and Bake

Creamy Cookie Dough

With the annual “Big Date Night” coming up in February, anything but a “date” date is on my mind.  HH and I have had not-so-wonderful experiences when trying to go out on Valentine’s night.  Between full baby-sitter schedules (when the kids were younger), full restaurants, and packed theaters, we finally gave up trying to do […]