An Old Tyme Christmas Table

Olde Time Christmas Decor

I’ve heard that people back in the day used whatever they had on hand to decorate for Christmas.  Like popcorn for garland, dried fruit, nuts, pine cones, kitchen gadgets, sewing notions, rope twine…and things made with their hands.  Each gift was a labor of love. For my old tyme Christmas table, I pulled out everything […]

Vintage Kitchen Tree and Two Friends You Need to Meet

Vintage Cookie Cutter Kitchen Tree @

After my first Periscope (#CurtainQueenScope) Friday morning, I completed the project I was working on while live video was rolling.  Creative juices were flowing, so I decided to play with the evergreen tree I got on clearance at Tuesday Morning after Christmas.  I’d been thinking of making it into a kitchen tree. You saw the […]