What Happens When Struck with Wanderlust in Dallas

Wanderlust in Dallas

We had a family wedding in Dallas last Saturday.  HH and I left on Thursday to spend as much time as possible with family members we haven’t seen in a very long time. What’s better than spending three evenings in a row with family you’ve missed so very much?  Nothing.  But, two full days of […]

Trees and Tartans Christmas Table

Place Setting

No, I’m not out of my mind.  A little crazy, maybe, but not completely losing it.  Yes, I realize I’ve already published a post for you today. Do you realize that two weeks from tomorrow is Christmas?  Yikes!  While looking at my calendar this morning, I saw that I only have three more opportunities to […]

Trees on Cars and “Christmas Vacation” – A Double-Nod Tablescape

Tree on VW Van

Did your family cut a live tree to decorate each year at Christmas back in the day? You had to leave pretty early in the day.  (Notice no tree.) If not, you’d return home after dark – or dusk, at best. Street lights line the snow-covered road. The current popularity of trees on cars inspired […]

O Christmas Tree – a Tablescape

O Christmas Tree - a Tablescape

I’m excited to share with you our table where we’ll enjoy our Christmas meal.  I can hardly believe Christmas is almost here. As I show you around, I’ve provided a little music for your enjoyment – if you’d like.  It’s O Christmas Tree sung by Aretha Franklin.