Orange Slice Fruit(less) Cake

Orange Slice Cake

Do you like fruitcake?  I don’t like purchased fruitcake.  At all.  But, I love home-made versions.  How about you? Mom 2 gave me her Lemon Extract Cake recipe many years ago, and it’s basically home-made fruitcake.  She made a large loaf “fruitcake” for our family every Christmas.  Her regular recipe is delicious with all the […]

Snacks for Christmas Family Fun Time

Snack for Christmas Family Fun Time

Do you make loads of snacks for family each Christmas?  Their favorites, at least? As I bake and prepare, I thought I’d share what we’ll be having in the way of snacks this Christmas.  Our regulars are a sure thing. Click pictures when you’d like to see the post and grab the printable recipe. Regular […]

Leg Lamp Shortbread Cookies

Leg Lamp Cookies

To update you on Our Christmas Story Dirty Santa game, I began my leg lamp cookie cutter adventures last Thursday. I mixed a batch of shortbread dough from our family’s favorite Raspberry Almond Cookies – without the raspberry preserves and the almond glaze. Refrigerate the dough well before rolling it out. It took me a […]

Holiday Peppermint Pretzels

Holiday Peppermint Pretzels

Do you make peppermint bark at Christmas?  I do.  Fun Son requires  it.  😉  His Christmas isn’t complete without this stuff. But…year after year of eating the same candy is a little boring.  Don’t you think? I decided a little salty addition couldn’t hurt. The sprinkles are in honor of Spunky Daughter, who now even […]