Surprise-Inside Brownies

Surprise-Inside Brownies

Can you imagine your favorite cookies and your favorite chocolate candy tucked inside decadent brownies? On our girls’ trip, one friend brought brownies with Oreo™ cookies inside.  I can’t remember the other cookie or candy that was added, but they were good! Those brownies got me thinking about HH’s favorites.  He loves Keebler™ E. L. […]

Chocolate Syrup to ‘”Die”t For

Healthy Chocolate Syrup

Are y’all with me in the need to eat a little healthier? Does that mean we have to eliminate chocolate to eat “healthier”?  Nooooo….not on my watch. There is no reason to stop eating chocolate (syrup, at least) when you have this recipe in your “diet” arsenal.  I hesitate to use the word “diet”, y’all.  […]

Cool, Refreshing Chocolate Mint Pie

Don’t we love our quick and easy summer pie recipes? Chocolate Mint Pie is not only quick to make, it’s quick to disappear at our house.  With the oncoming season of summer, y’all need this recipe.  It meets all the criteria of a keeper, because it’s light and fluffy and minty and chocolaty, and just […]