Mother’s Day Mix of China

Mother's Day Mix of China

Do you spend Mother’s Day with your mother?  Your mother-in-law?  Or, do your kids spend Mother’s Day with you?   Since May is filled with graduations and weddings already, it’s not working out this year to travel to see my mother (sorry, PAM) and HH’s mother for a Mother’s Day with them.  I guess we’ll […]

Tablescape in Blues

All About the Blues Tablescape

As a child, I gazed through the curved glass of the china cabinet. The blue china was not to be touched. We could only look at it.  With its matching flower-adorned silver, we never used it. But, it was beautiful to look at. My parents, as newlyweds, registered the pattern at the local jewelry and […]

Piggly Wiggly China Debut

Piggly Wiggly China Debut

After years of darkness, it was finally the appropriate season.  Perfectly timed with their willingness to be used in spite of their origin, with all their imperfections, they have been transported into the light. The storage box, dark and lonely, had become home.  Comfortable, in a sense.  Not an ideal home, but a secure location […]