Trash to Treasure Chest – The Before and After

Trash to Treasure Chest

People leave the most remarkable things at the street for trash pick-up! I was following PAM (Painter Artist Mom) along a street a couple of months ago.  She stopped suddenly, got out of her car, and came to my car window. I wondered what was going on… PAM asked if I wanted the chest that […]

DIY Dollar Tree Numbered Tins

DIY Dollar Tree Tins

It’s so good to be home and back into the project studio!  A month and a half of on-again off-again road trips can make you long  to be home (and stay there), even when it’s been loads of fun. Nothing is better than quick and easy DIY projects to get your creativity kick-started.  Do you […]

Painted Upholstery Trial

Painting Fabric Project

Last summer, I visited a garage sale nearby, only without the garage.  It was more of a driveway and yard sale.  I brought home several pieces, one of which was this…this…this whatever-you-call-it. What would you call it? It’s very low – with the seat height of the Thumb Tack Coffee Table (15-18″ tall) there in […]