Book Print Origami Heart Bookmark

Book Print Origami Heart Bookmark

Do you love projects made with book print?  When I stumbled upon these origami hearts made of book print paper on-line, I was super excited.  I couldn’t resist including them in my Avid Reader Valentine Table post. While I do recommend using book pages for these heart bookmarks, I don’t recommend destroying special books. Either […]

Birthday Fun Give-Away – What’s Your Age?

Fun Birthday Give-Away

A sleek and sophisticated woman I worked with while I was in college once told me this: A woman who will tell her age will tell you everything. Or, was it “anything”?  I can’t remember.  But anyway, the point is…she thought it was in poor taste to share your age. Me?  I’m not sleek or […]

Viking Cooking School After-Party: The Shopping!

Post Viking Cooking School Shopping

Cooking in the Viking cooking class put me in the mood for something new for the kitchen.  (Exactly as they’d hoped, I’m sure.)  The cookware we used in class was high quality and nice!  Too expensive, though – and I truly have no NEED for new cookware. The gadgets were a nice quality, too, but […]

Charming Bookmarks

I keep magazine articles and pictures in a file for inspiration.  This Fall, I pulled out this idea for charmed bookmarks featured in May, 2011, Country Living Magazine.  I decided to make some for Christmas gifts. I gathered the supplies.  The ends of each ribbon are clamped with a v-shaped bracket with “teeth” to grab […]