Dresser DIY Sneak Peek on Facebook Live Video

Kitchen With New Dresser DIY

It was mid January when my dresser idea struck.  That was before I wrote the post about How to Dress a Dresser. I didn’t mention a word to you about my plan because I was still dragging the lovely boot around.  I wasn’t sure my idea would actually happen.  You’ll soon read how we got […]

Considerations Before Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets with Chalk Paint

Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets with Chalk Paint

While painting the two desks for my project studio during the last couple of weeks, I had lots of time to think.  What did I think about?  Well, I thought  a lot about…mostly painting.  Surprised?  Haha! Someone told me a while back that they plan to paint their kitchen cabinets with chalk paint. You could’ve […]

How to Moss-Emboss Your Ordinary Clay Planters

Moss-Embossed Clay Pot

Early in spring this year, Spunky Daughter (SD) planted some seeds I shared with her.  She bought clay pots and grew herbs in her bedroom window – the only window at their apartment that gets enough sun. Last month, we transplanted everything into larger planters – along with some flowers SD had bought.  I kept […]

A New Challenge – Keep Only What You Love

Painting Old Urn in ASCP Pure White

I’ve been reading a decorating book lately.  The author says we should discard anything we don’t absolutely love. This arrangement and urn were teetering on the edge of Mr. Dumpster (or a donation bin).  I’ve never loved it.  I wanted to, and I tried to, but it just never happened. I’m no floral artist, that’s […]

Bird Box DIY – No Artistry Required

Painted Box Technique

What can you do with a wooden box when you aren’t an artistic painter? The bird scene on this box might look like it was artistically painted, but it wasn’t…it’s an illusion. PAM (Painter Artist Mom) has the painting artistry gene in our family.  With a little help from our friends – paint, wax, stencil, […]

Giving Thanks on Brown and White

Thanksgiving of Brown and White

I never was a brown person, so I didn’t wear brown shoes or purse.  I always wore black shoes, and sometimes navy. Until this scarf.  The thing that zings  me is the sharp contrast of rich dark chocolate and pure white! After buying this scarf, my collecting of a few pieces of brown clothing ensued.  […]

French Flair Cutting Board

French Emblem Cutting Board

I had a sudden realization while setting the table for yesterday’s post (Highlights of Green Tablescape). I’d skipped telling you about transforming this cutting board into something fun, with a French flair.  It was such an easy project, too! Pinkie promise, I didn’t hide it from you.  There was no ill intent…just slipped my 50+ […]

Never Polish Your Brass Again – Paint It!

ASCP ainted Brass Table

I grew up polishing brass items my grandparents brought home from Pakistan.  My grandfather worked there for a few years, and they came home with many souvenirs. Painter Artist Mom (PAM) and Handy Builder Dad (HBD) were graced with this brass coffee table, among other things. The base is hand-carved wood – wood so hard […]

DIY Dollar Tree Chargers

New DIY Dollar Tree Chargers

I’m continually on the hunt for chargers, but I find them mostly more expensive than their worth (to me, anyway).  Do you agree that they’re oftentimes overpriced? And, when considering storage, do we even have room  for chargers in our cabinets?  My goal when adding to the current oversupply of things,  is to only add […]

Sharing My Chalk Paint and Brush Secrets (Shh…)

Annie Sloan Paint Brush

My winter painting projects (french country shelf, porch ladder, and kitchen step stool) required a trip to our nearest Annie Sloan Chalk Paint retailer. I replenished a few color samples and discovered a new paint brush on a display shelf that I hadn’t noticed on previous visits.  It’s a smaller brush (1 inch) and a cheaper […]

Give Your Shelf That French Country Style

Decorative Bracket Attached

After revealing the new color of my plate shelf, I wanted to show the two easy steps needed to transform the style. Well over two years ago, I found this bookshelf in a junk shop (a $15 woo-hoo!). I could have used it on top of this drawer stack in my project studio for storage.  […]

New Paint for French Country Plate Shelf

Annie Sloan Color Arles with Dark Wax

She’s got style, she’s got grace… After baring my soul paint failures to you last week, here’s the big ta-da.  Yay, it’s finished! The paint color road was a long one.  But in the end, the shelf turned out exactly like my vision (after nearly tossing in the towel). Remember how I decided to sleep […]

ADHD with Painting Excursions in My Kitchen

Shelf Paint Change #2

WHAT COLOR WILL IT BE? In my Rise and Shine! tablescape post this week, I mentioned painting my plate shelf and an ADHD realization.  Since I’ve had such fun with your comments to the ADHD accusation symptoms, I thought sharing the layer upon layer of paint progression of color changes with said shelf might be […]

How to Make Clay Pottery Look Like Antique Bisque

How to Make Ordinary Clay Pottery Look Like Antique Bisque

Did you have a good weekend?  It was cold and rainy here yesterday, making it a perfect afternoon to stay inside after church. Fun Son was here, and we watched a couple of home movies from when the kids were little.  Do you ever do that?  That is a fun way to spend time with […]

Cover a Bulletin Board in 3 Easy Steps

Bulletin Board Supplies

It’s really easy to give your plain old bulletin/white board a new look.  Choose a fabric you love, gather a few supplies, and let’s get started. Supplies you’ll need: Fabric Rope Trim with Flange Scissors Hot Glue Tape Measure Staple Gun Step 1:  The Painting and Measuring I started with an old board from Spunky […]

“Curb” Chair, French Flair!

Piano Man

My chair had humble beginnings.  Thankfully, there’s more to the story.  It’s not so humble anymore, is it? You may remember me telling you the origin of the Fabby Shabby Telephone Table I painted a while back. At the curb, along with the telephone table, there was a chair that my friend rescued for me.  […]

Kitchen Stool Redoux – Yes, Again!

Kitchen Stool Project Complete

Have you ever completed a project and immediately been dissatisfied with it? My kitchen stool is such.  I wasn’t completely happy with the white label on the black seat of my Mod Podge Kitchen Stool.  It bothered  me.  The look wasn’t exactly what I was going for.  At all. Sometimes, we grow into liking something […]

Clothes Pin Paper Towel Holder

Clothes Pin Paper Towel Holder

Earlier this year, I bought this wooden clothes pin container at Hob Lob on clearance.  Couldn’t you find a use for this box-like decorative item for a grand $3 price? I didn’t hate the color blue, but it didn’t match anything in my laundry room.  With the recent vintage look, the blue needed to go. […]

Fabby Shabby Telephone Table

Shabby Telephone Table

Trash to Treasure Has a friend ever called you early in the morning with an alert? Hey, besty…the house across the street has a pile of furniture at the curb. It appears that no one is home.  Like maybe they’ve moved. Something’s been going on over there, but I don’t exactly know the story. Maybe […]

Laundry Room Essentials – Vintage Inspired

Vintage Laundry Room Wall

Welcome back to my laundry room!  Like you, it’s the place that captures much of my time.  Why not make it fun to be in that place that requires so many hours of your life? You saw the wallpaper wall in my previous post about my laundry room decision. The cabinet wall looks quite different […]

DIY Cabinet Door Sign – Life is Best at the Lake

Life is Best at the Lake

Do you have any old cabinet doors hanging around?  It’s very easy to turn them into signs. I removed the hinges from an old stained cabinet door, then painted it black.  It was a good opportunity to use a can of old paint that needed emptying.  Then I painted the door (and handle) with Annie […]

DIY Hammered Tray Transformation

Hammered Tray Transformation

I saw a tray a couple of weeks ago in a home decor store, and I loved the look.  It was bronze with green paint sanded off for an aged look.  My brain wheels started turning because I remembered a tray I have that’s similar. My bronze tray is on top of my kitchen cabinets […]

DIY Old Shutter Magazine Rack

Rotten Shutter in Barn

Are you a magazine stacker?  Through the years, I’ve stashed many in baskets and pots, on coffee tables, and anywhere else I can imagine.  Recently, I found a new way to keep current magazines in clear view without taking table space or bulging my baskets. Several months ago, a friend gave me two old and […]

Basic Black and White Tablescape

View Across Table

I’m joining the All White Fall Dish Challenge this week at Cuisine Kathleen’s Let’s Dish link party.  I’d written this post during late August/early September.  The gourds (painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White) may remind you of Fall.  This  basic black and white table is for any time of year, any occasion. […]

Side Table B and A

Table Before Painting

Do you get excited about projects and then continue adding several similar projects to your to-do list?  Do you get so thoroughly involved in those projects that you can do little else until you get it out of your system?  You could safely say my tendency is to “hyper-focus”. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint started my […]