Tablescape Red, White, and Blue

I had big ideas for this week.  I’d planned indoor and outdoor tablescapes, each suited for Memorial Day celebrations and graduation festivities.

Due to a week of rain, I was only able to get the indoor table set.  I’ll save the outdoor patriotic tablescape decor for a July Fourth post.  That’s one good thing about red, white, and blue.  We have many occasions for it.

Tablescape Red, White, and Blue

Blue and white decor seems to be very popular right now, so that’s where I started.  Since the reds are only in accents of the flowers and later, dessert, the table is transitional rather than strictly “stars and stripes forever”.

I’ve used the Piggly Wiggly China as the main plate.  The simple cobalt blue salad plates are from Wal-Mart.  Many of you know by now that I have no shame in using what I’ve got and shopping frugally.

Place Setting

PAM (Painter Artist Mom) gave me the ice cream spoons a while back.  HH snickers when he uses them, because he thinks it’s funny to have a special spoon only for ice cream.  That’s fine, HH.  Help yourself to a regular spoon.  PAM and I will use the fun stuff. 🙂

The center grouping of cobalt is a collection that belongs to Mom 2.  You might remember me speaking of her before.  She is the mom of my very good friend (Jas) from the neighborhood where we lived during my middle- and high-school years.

Jas and I have been friends since I was in seventh grade, and my feet were under Mom 2’s table often.  (Not all people require two moms, but I must have been a real challenge.)

Blue and White Pitcher

When Mom 2 sold her home and downsized a couple of years ago, she passed along many of her treasures.  In my mind, they’ll always be her things, but I’m just keeping them for her for a while.  Cobalt blue is her favorite color, and I love it, too.  It’s special to enjoy her decorative touches I grew up seeing every day in her home and to savor the memories through it all.   It’s pure “home comfort”, y’all.

This blue and white pitcher came from Mom 2 also.  The center “tower” base is Mom 2’s vase, topped with a potted plant that was a gift from another treasured friend.

Pitcher and Flowers

I collected red, white, and blue flowers from my yard for the floral arrangements.  You might recognize the False Indigo Baptisia from What’s Blooming Wednesday #3,

PAM’s favorite flowers, the daisies, were featured in First Flowers of Spring Tour, along with the first red knock-out rose bloom.  There are many blooms on those knock-outs these days, so I brought in clusters for each vase.

The scarf that is spread under the center collection is one I brought home from a trip to Costa Rica quite a few years ago.  I’ve never worn it, but it adds a little travel memory to our dining table.

Costa Rica Scarf

Costa Rica was where I conquered my severe fear of heights and rode a zip-line from tree to tree 1,000 feet above the Rain Forest floor.  (Those who know me are very surprised right now to read that.)

HH and I now laugh about our trek on horseback to a waterfall that turned out to be pure H E double toothpicks.  Tourists, be wary.  Don’t let the excursion hawkers fool you with promises of real horses with life in them, promises of horses that will move without having to get off and push them.  More promises were made of beautiful waterfall vistas to enjoy.

They failed to mention the part about parking the horses and literally climbing a steep wooded mountain, weaving back and forth along a rocky path (it was at least a mile!) to finally reach a waterfall that fell short of description.   We had not dressed appropriately for all we encountered.

Miserable memories become special because they bring laughter later.  Lessons learned.

Table Details


There are good memories from that trip, with time away to relax on a sunset beach.  Couples need to get away occasionally, just the two together, no kids along.  Marriages are made stronger by prioritizing God first and your spouse second.  Not the kids.  They’re third.

Speaking of kids, the Berry Lime Sorbet (click it to see how to make it) dessert is formed into a star, something I thought kids would like.

This star mold is used to bake star-shaped bread, which my kids grew up eating.

Tin Foil Covered Star Tube

The molded sorbet idea took a little tweaking to figure out how to keep the melted part contained until it was frozen well.  Tin foil covering the bottom end is the only way I found that worked.   Cover it tightly, pour the sorbet in, and move it to the freezer fast.  Leave the tube in the freezer over night, so the sorbet will be manageable for slicing.

When you’re ready to cut your stars, run water over the tube (with the lids at both ends intact) to melt it just enough to release the sorbet, but not too much, or you’ll have a melty mess.  As you slide the sorbet out, run your knife along the tube edge to cut star sections right into the individual bowls.

Cutting Sorbet Stars

Again, this is no time to dally.  Serve immediately.  See how the stars are melting a little already?

Berry Lime Sorbet in Stars

It’s a little messy in the kitchen, but kids love having food in fun shapes.  You can order a star (and a flower) tube pan through Pampered Chef.  I love them, don’t you?  So many great gadgets I use every day are from Pampered Chef.  (I’m not getting paid by them, y’all.  Just my opinion.)

The dessert stemware has delicate roses cut into the glass that I love.  I found these at my new favorite thrift shop.  They had iced tea stemware to match, but only five.  So, I passed them up and got the bowls I truly needed.  When I set the table, I wished for six iced teas.  That’s the sacrifice of thrifting, I guess.

The stem is shaped into two opposite-facing roses.  I love the detail of this stemware but couldn’t seem to capture it in the detail the natural eye can see.

Dessert Stemware

I must get more photo savvy!

Along with the treasures from Mom 2, these are her cobalt blue crochet placemats.  She had a friend that made them, and we all had gifts of these placemats from Mom 2 for Christmas one year.  She gave me a set in a  medium-toned blue, which are on my kitchen table right now.  PAM has white ones.  That may seem impractical, but they are washable.  We’ve had them for many years, they still look new, and we love them.  (Thanks, Mom 2!)

Do you know anyone who knows how to crochet placemats like these?

Desserted Table

Many of you may be celebrating a graduation at your house this month.  The blue and white table is fitting for that, as well.

Whatever your occasion, make the most of what God has blessed you with – not only tableware, but cuttings from your yard.  No need to purchase flowers, y’all.  He’s got the prettiest stuff ready for us to enjoy in His creation of nature.

Y’all are a blessing to me, and I thank God for you.  I hope you’ll be back tomorrow, because there are a couple of things on this table I didn’t mention today.  You may already know what it is.  We’ll have a little DIY time tomorrow.  😉

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  1. says

    This is so great! I really love how festive everything is, and that sorbet is so cute! Thanks for sharing at Domestic Superhero!

  2. Teresa@ says

    Very pretty, Kim, and there should be no shame in using what we have…..espicially when it has special history as yours does.

  3. says

    I love it all! I thought I was going to have the same problem with the outdoor table here, but thankfully the rain held off. I love your blue and white theme with the pops of red. Those plates are so pretty. I don’t recall that pattern at The Pig so it must have been a long time ago. We haven’t even had a Piggly Wiggly here for over a decade.

    The dessert dishes are my very favorite part. I just have a thing for stemware, sherbets, and the like.

    • says

      Thanks, Debbie. I’m glad you got your outdoor table done before the rain. Yes, the Pig plates were HH’s grandmother’s. They’re from the 60s or the 70s, maybe even earlier. So glad you stopped by. 🙂

  4. says

    “Transitional tables.” I like those! They serve the purpose for the specific occasion, but with the wave of a hand, they can be completely non-committal. Gotta love it! The blue and white you used here is perfect for doing just that!

    I love it that you grew up with the love and support of 2 loving women who were both considered “Mom.” That’s neat! I had that same support, and there’s nothing in the world like it! It’s wonderful that you are using beautiful pieces that bring back good memories from your younger years. (Notice I said young-ER, not simply young! 🙂 )

    I’m not sure if you were brave or nuts doing that zip line. NO WAY would I do it!!! I, too, am terrified of heights. I’m OK with that if it means doing a zip line or bungee jump or something like that to conquer it! 🙂

    Neat idea for the sorbet! Gives it a fun look!!!

    My sister is an avid crocheter. (Is that a word?) She probably knows how to make placemats like that. I don’t know. I’d have to ask her. She just loves knitting and crocheting!

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend!!!

    • says

      Anita, I wish we could sit down for a long chat. I wonder if either of us would run out of words. 🙂 Thank you for saying youngER to keep things in perspective. Ha! Standing in line for the first zip line “leap”, I had to shut my eyes as I left the platform and scream my way all the way to the next tree platform. After 3-4 runs, it was fun. Hey, if your sister has a pattern that is easy, I’d be interested in having it. I hope you and your family have a great weekend, too!!!! 🙂

  5. says

    Love this sweet table setting! So festive and pretty! The sorbet stars are a great idea! I actually have some of those “bread” shape pans already – just haven’t used them – now I know just what to do! : ) Catherine (new follower)

  6. Diane says

    Love everything, especially, the idea of two Moms – how wonderful!! I adore blue and white and I truly am obsessed with vintage glassware. Your etched pieces are to die for – wow!!

  7. says

    Oh gosh, I do truly love your red white and blue table. the cobalt salad plates are from WalMart??? really??? the pieces from mom2 are wonderful. I just really love this table.. great tips on the sorbet too. xo marlis