Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice at Christmas

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

It’s almost Christmas, and what am I doing (while I should be shopping)?

Playing in the kitchen!

I’ve been baking, making candy, and decorating our breakfast table with sugar and spice and everything nice.  Have you been baking Christmas treats?

I’ve set more of a kid-type table.  We don’t have grandchildren yet, but I’ll be ready for them when it happens.

To begin, let’s get the Christmas goodies on the table.

Full Table View

PAM (Painter Artist Mom) gave me these Christmas place mats several years ago.  I struggle with using rectangle place mats on my round table.  Maybe this year, I’ll make these a different shape – oval or round.

I took the leaves out and set the table for four, since it’s just the four of us – no company this year.  We’ll begin with the place setting.

Place Setting

Mom 2 gave me these demitasse cups and saucers.  Aren’t they adorable?  (Completely grandchildren worthy!)

Demitasse Cup and Saucer

I used our everyday dishes as the dinner plate.  The clear plate on top shows some little snowflakes tucked under them.

Clear Salad Plate

The snowflakes came in a pack of cupcake papers at Wal-Mart.  They were attached to toothpicks for sticking into cupcakes, but I pulled them off the toothpicks.

I found the flatware last week at T.J. Maxx.  The set for four was $12.99.  Aren’t they fun?  Soup spoons were included, so we used them for a dinner of soup at this table.

Christmas Flatware

I was inspired this week when I published the post about the Christmas Tree Napkin Folds – YouTube Tutorial Round-Up.  These paper napkins were easy and fun to fold into trees.

Christmas Tree Napkin Fold

Ho! Ho! Ho! turned into Oh! Oh! Oh!  That brought a good laugh as we ate our soup.  (We added bowls, of course.)  Fun Son wouldn’t use his tree napkin because he didn’t want to mess up my hard work.  How thoughtful!  But, I assured him it was easy and didn’t take much time.

Center Collection Side View

We snatched a few sweet treats after eating the potato cheese soup I made.  I’ll have to share that with you sometime.  It was delicious!  Anyway, Santa’s goodies were spared.  We ate some of the other treats.

Cookies for Santa

I made some tiny eggnog donuts the other day after reading Amy’s post about how she made Eggnog Donut Holes (at Foods for the Soul, y’all).  They are very good!  Rather than dipping them in milk before dredging in cinnamon-sugar, I dipped mine in eggnog.  Any excuse to get more eggnog will do for me!

Eggnog Donuts

I took these remaining two out of the refrigerator for the photo shoot.  The condensation changed the donuts from cinnamon-sugared tops to liquid sugar dripping off.  Since we’d eaten all but two, I ran short for the third cupcake paper.  That just explains how irresistible they are.  I’m not saying I ate it, but…OK, I ate it before I realized I needed three for this shoot.  Well, shoot!  (You don’t mind, do you?)

The tiny cupcake papers are holding bits of Southern Style Pecan Fudge.  I shared this recipe last year.  Front and center is the cupcake paper filled with flower cookies.

Flower Cookies

The flower cookies are actually called Raspberry Almond Cookies.  Spunky Daughter and I make them every Christmas, because they are our favorite.  That’s saying a LOT from these chocoholics!  These have no chocolate but are melt-in-your-mouth delectable.

What’s a table of treats without a nutcracker?


And, of course, we have nuts.  Oven-Roasted, Salted Pecans are HH’s and Fun Son’s favorite, so I make them every Christmas for my favorite guys.

Oven-Roasted Salted Pecans

A one-pound supply lasted only a few days.  These were the final few…time to make more!

The gingerbread men were bought at the store.  I wasn’t in the mood to make cut-out cookies this year.

Gingerbread Men

The rooftop and chimney are filled with snow-like treats.

Chimney with Santa

Meringue clouds with Christmas M-n-Ms® are so easy to make.  If you’ll whip up a batch before going to bed, pop them in the pre-heated oven, turn the oven off, then they’ll harden while you sleep.

Meringue Clouds

Next morning…ready to go.

There are so many treats to share with you!  At two days before Christmas, I fear I’ve run out of time to give you all the recipes.

Many of you have made these same treats and don’t need a recipe, like with this peppermint bark.  Do you make peppermint bark every year?

Peppermint Bark

Fun Son looks forward to eating it every Christmas, so I can never stop making it.

Santa is in a little trouble, so the candy cane is trying to help him out.  Literally.

Santa in Chimney

PAM and HBD gave me this dish a few years ago, and I love using it every year.  With the Santa Boot serving knives, you can include dips or spreads inside the rooftop serving dish.

Santa Boot Serving Knives

Isn’t that genius?  I found a tea towel and fingertip towel to match, too.

Fingertip Santa Boot Towel

Poor Santa.  He keeps getting himself into a real bind.

What’s a table of sweets without Kisses® and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups®?


My plate reminds us that it’s OK to indulge during Christmas.

Christmas Calories Don't Count

The “Believe” bucket is elevating the rooftop, so no goodies are inside there.  But, it has a meaningful Christmas message.

Believe Centerpiece

Most of you know already that I believe.  Not in Santa Claus, but in Jesus.  Christmas is when we celebrate Jesus’ birth.  He gave us the most wonderful gift – a gift Santa could never give – our redemption, and salvation from our sins, so we can live a victorious life through Him.

I hope your Christmas includes a solid belief, so your celebration can be the most merry of all!

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  1. says

    Kim, I’m so happy you enjoyed the Eggnog Donut Holes! You are absolutely BRILLIANT to dip them in eggnog instead of milk. I’m definitely doing that next time! 🙂 Have a lovely Christmas with your family!

    • Kim Hood says

      Oh, Amy! I just realized I forgot to let you know I linked to your post, but I guess you got the pingback. 🙂 Merry Christmas to y’all, too!

  2. Sheryll & Critters. says

    Everything is just so gorgeous. You really go all out….. hey, reminds me to ask you……. will you adopt me as mom……….. anything??

    Merry Christmas and God Bless!

    • Kim Hood says

      You’re so funny. 🙂 Thank you for the compliment, though. Merry Christmas to you, too, Sheryll. And, may God bless you.

  3. says

    That is one of the most fun spreader sets (Santa upside down in the chimney) that I have ever seen!!! You have some really fun Christmas accessories!!!!! I LOVE the “Christmas Calories Don’t Count” plate!!!! If only that was really the way it is!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    You KNOW I have to pin that napkin fold! That is SO FUN!!! I just have to find the right napkins for it. I’ll begin my quest right away!

    I have never heard of eggnog donuts. Whether they have a little cupcake paper around them or not, they look fantastic!!!

    What a wonderful Christmas celebration to honor the birth of Jesus Christ and to break out fun for kids both young and old! Merry Christmas, Kim!!!

    • Kim Hood says

      Hi, Alycia! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I’m heading over in a moment to check out your Christmas Eve progressive dinner post in more detail. I can never see everything well enough on my phone! Yes, the eggnog donuts are new to me, too. We love eggnog, so I had to try them. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the napkin fold. HH and I are the big kids around here!