I Hadn’t Thought to Decorate Our Staircase Before!

Remember earlier this week when I showed you the wooden boxes I stacked to hide an electrical outlet (Practicality Rules in Our Family Room Arrangement)?

Box Stack Hides Cords

I mentioned I no longer need the boxes to hide the outlet because new drapery panels will cover it soon.

Also, since moving our chairs across the room, our lamps (and laptops, etc.) have the trailing plant hiding those cords now.

Trailing Vine Cord Camoflauge

So…the boxes were free to go.

But where?

I saw something recently that sparked an idea, and here are the boxes in their new home.  (Also included is a candlestick tucked behind from the DIY Jeweled Candles project.)

Stair Landing Decor

Can you believe that all these eight years of living here, it never occurred to me to decorate the staircase landing?

At first thought, I wondered if the boxes would be in the way while using the staircase.  Since they’re tucked into the corner, there’s plenty of clearance.  The boxes aren’t anything fancy, but they fit the decor of our home.

Do you have a staircase that needs a little decorative touch?

Here’s a more modern look, if that fits your style.

Staircase-Landing-mirror-plantImage Source

I love that planter, don’t you?  Besides it being fun to change things here and there, adding another feature increases the warmth and character of your home.

This next picture gives me an idea for a future project.  I would love to replace our upstairs railing with a bookcase!  (I wonder what Handy Builder Dad’s schedule looks like these days? – Hint, hint. 🙂 )


Image Source

I wouldn’t want the bookcase all the way to the ceiling, but just to the top of our existing railing.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  Isn’t it fun to dream?

Would you like to see some ideas for your staircase landing (if you have stairs)?  Here’s a link to an article with lots of pictures to enjoy at homedit, an interior design and architecture site.  Some of their pictures for creative uses of landings are completely dreamy!

Speaking of dreamy, I hope you have a wonderful and dreamy weekend!


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  1. teresa says

    What a wonderful addition! I’ve seen the bookcase idea used in old arts&crafts houses…one actually had a bookcase on one side and built-in drawers on the other, but that was very wide hallway. I love the idea. You should go for it, if possible. I have a large landing and I’m always changing it up as I have my olarge outdoor plants there in the winter. The only problem is the lovely arched windows look great from the outside, but small compared to the soaring ceiling. I never know what(if anything) to do with the blank space on top.

    • says

      Thank you! I love the arts & crafts style, but our home isn’t that category, I’m afraid. Personally, I wouldn’t mind bookshelves on both sides. How lucky you are to have a large landing! Windows in a vaulted or two-story room do seem much smaller. Framing around them with panels can help them make a bigger statement. As for the space above? The challenge we face!

    • says

      Ha! You are so right. Sometimes it seems books breed overnight! I love them, though, and shelf space is key.