Sliding Through January on a Snow Flyer Tablescape

Perhaps you have snow at your house right now.  We have predictions of a warm winter in the south, so there’s little chance of white stuff for us.

We moved into our Georgia home and found a brand new sled in the attic.  We never had snow deep enough to use it.  And, then when we moved, we left it for the next family to use…maybe.

You must know I’ve thought of a bazillion uses for a sled when decorating for Christmas.  Or, any time of year, really.  Imagine any southern porch with a bright red sled hanging  on the wall.

Not exactly fitting for the area, but how neat!

This set of plates was a Tuesday Morning Christmas clearance find – 4 for $5.  I know.

Sledding Sliders Salad Plates

Who could pass that up, right?  And SLIDERS  written on each plate suggests what to serve for dinner.  Do you make sliders like we see at restaurants?

I bought this sled last year (again, on after Christmas clearance at TM – or TJ Maxx).  In order for a flyer to fly, it needs to be elevated, right?

Snow Flyers Sled Table Decor

Naturally, I drug out the gloves, mittens, scarves, and caps necessary for sledding.

Snow Scarves on Chair Backs

Cups for hot chocolate (or coffee!) hold an extra pair of gloves.

Don’t forget an extra pair of dry gloves…to keep your hands warm…

Flatware inside gloves give a utilitarian decoration.

Place Setting

Yellow around cloth napkin edges remind us…

Don’t eat yellow snow!

Don't Eat Yellow Snow! Napkins

Snowflakes are falling here and there.

Snowball candles remind us of childhood snowball fights.

Snowball Candle

Ear muffs on candlesticks.

Ear Muffs on Candle Sticks

And a head band or two.

Winter Head Band

Scarves around everything – chair backs…

Winter Scarves on Chair Backs

for a cloth on the table (topped by a snow runner, of course)…

Winter Scarf Table Cloth

even for punch bowls, too!

Scarved Punch Bowl

Charcoal stems from Dollar Tree.

Sledding Through January

DIY burlap chargers give a base to black (Dollar Tree), white (Mikasa™ Antique White), then green Sliders  (C. R. Gibson™) plates.  (Mugs are also Mikasa™ Antique White.)

Burlap Chargers Under Plate Stack

It looks like we’re prepared for a fun day in the snow.

Center Table Collection

All we need is a good dose of snow…and YOU!  🙂


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      Thanks, Patricia! I appreciate you sharing my posts on Facebook. You’ve contributed a lot to growing my Facebook fans. 🙂

  1. Pat@Back Porch Musings says

    I love those green plates. Wonderful table setting, sled, scarves and everything!

    • says

      Thanks, Pat. The plates are fun, so I’m trying to find more uses for them than Christmas tables. Hope you’re having a great week! 🙂

  2. Entertaining Women says

    Great use of everyday winter items for a whimsical tablescape. Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay

    • says

      Thanks! Funny, I found another whole box of ski gear. The chairs would have looked funny with goggles, but there were so many new possibilities in that box! Ha! I think our chances of snow are very low this year. 🙂