Tomorrow, Your Home Decor SOMEDAY Begins

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Can you believe we’re at the end of 2015?  It feels like it went so fast!

Did the posts about prioritizing and organizing/scheduling your time in 2016 help?  Did you calendar time for home sewing projects you need to do?  I’ve found that when things get on my calendar, they get DONE.

After I complete each window treatment or room decor item, I enjoy being home even more than before.  I want that for you, too…that feeling of loving being at home.

This is the room that inspires me to encourage you.  After sewing these panels, I now love  being in this room.  One sewing project made all the difference.  (Why did I put it off for so long?)

New Panel Positioning

Are your Christmas decorations put away yet?  Is your house “back in order”?  Personally, I find it impossible to start my new year until my house is put back into “working” order.

As we move proactively into our someday, let someday begin…tomorrow.

Your Someday

The group sign-up for 5 Days to New Curtain Panels is ready for you.  Here’s how it’ll go:

When YOU are ready with your fabrics, ready for your Monday-through-Friday of sewing a little each day to achieve your goal, you will click a link that is similar to this one in my right sidebar.  (You’ll see the real thing tomorrow.  Woo-hoo!)

Home Decor Project Communities

Since we will be sewing for an hour or so each day, Monday through Friday, I want you to be ready.  I have it all planned out, and you’ll be ready to hang your panels over the following weekend.  Won’t that be great?  Imagine having your project DONE!

When you’re ready for your week of sewing to begin, just click the link in the sidebar (anytime  you’re ready, starting tomorrow, January 1st).

You will receive a get ready  prompting the Friday before the week of sewing begins, and a guidance/encouragement email every step of the way during your week of sewing.

You can join the members-only Facebook group with the link that I give you in the sign-up information email.  This group provides a way for us to talk about any problems along the way (and celebrate with you when it’s done!).  I love how Facebook gives us a good way to do that.  And it’s free!  You know how I love cheap  or free,  especially free!

Are you excited?  I am!

I need to know what other projects some of you might be ready to begin.  Did you shop for fabric over the month of December like we discussed?  Are you ready to dive in?

Roman Shades?



Tell me…what is sitting at your house waiting for action?  When there are several of you ready for a certain project, I’ll set it all up and we’ll start sewing together…as soon as decorations are put away and our minds are clear for the fun ahead.

Are you bashful about “talking” in the comments below?  You can always write me a note through my contact page.  I understand if you’re shy.  Really, I do.  Talk to me (or I’ll have to run another survey thingy again – wink).


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    • says

      I hope so, Diane. I’m always sorry to have waited so long to get a project finished, so I want to help others avoid that regret. 🙂

  1. Robin says

    Great idea! You are going to help a LOT of women get those panels done!!!
    I may not be making curtain panels, but I AM scheduling SEWING. I have a pile of stuff that needs “help”. Ok, so I have about 3 or 4 tubs FULL! I am so bad. LOL

    Our January is gonna consist mostly of PLAYING WITH THE NEW DOG!!! FINALLY! I have been waiting 15 years to have a dog again! (I was a renter after divorce until I got remarried) We rescued Quincy, a 4 y/o Mini Schnoodle today from Last Chance Ranch Animal Rescue in Quakertown, PA…a 2 hour drive from us. It was a day trip…a LONG day! …. after stopping to get his food and crate on the way home. Anyone from the tri-state PA NJ DE area who wants a pet…look on their website FIRST. They have a policy, that even if a pet does not work out…ever 6 years down the road….bring him back. They will NOT euthanize any animal. They will retrain him and put him with a new family who understands his issues. They have horses, a pig, chickens, goats, dogs, cats, turtles, alpacas….etc.

    This dog was meant for us. He is loving and smart. He had been a stray and they had no info on him. He loves all animals and is not aggressive. He doesn’t even pull on the leash when he sees other animals. Just stands still and watches. He is gentle and so adorable. He loves to play ball and with his squeaky reindeer. He barks and gets all excited. He trusts us already. He even went in his crate to sleep…and he was NOT in a crate at the shelter. He is super smart and learns fast.

    He is a bit smelly right now…LOL He can’t get a bath til after his incision from neutering heals…next week. We had to spray him with dog odor control stuff. It helped a lot with that “barnyard” smell he acquired because of all these stupid rainy days! “Barnyard” is what I call many days of “wet dog” smell. hahaha

    I think he will be my “helper” as I sew…or do anything else. For sure he will be my “crumb licker upper”! I might not have to vacuum or sweep the kitchen floor EVER again! LOL!! (I loved how my former dog cleaned up after my son when he was in the high chair….he was a HUGE help cuz that kid was a MESS and a HALF! LOLOL!)

    I am going to sew my new sofa cushions starting next week….with my “helper” watching intently. 🙂
    New year, new sofa!

    • says

      Thank you, Robin. I hope you’re right about helping a lot of women get their projects done. Everything pulls us in different directions, and it gets hard to focus! Your new dog sounds like the perfect fit and a wonderful blessing to your family. I’m sure he’ll be a big help with your new sofa cushions. 😉 Happy sewing!

    • says

      I hope so, Liz. With our holiday travels, taking down decorations usually happens later than my choice. I’m glad it takes less time to put away than to get out and arrange. Happy New Year!

  2. says

    Hi Kim
    I world love to learn how to make blackout Roman shades. I have the fabric, but I need to get the rest of the stuff.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above

    • says

      Thanks for telling me, Debi. I plan to start a pillow community next, and then the Roman shades next. I’ll be working on it while you get your blackout lining. It’ll be great to have you in the group!

  3. says

    Kim, I have all the Christmas decor packed away! I still have to finish cleaning and organizing the house, again! You have certainly been a cheerleader this week and I appreciate you! I have to be better organized this year! Blessings!
    Pam Richardson recently posted…Top Ten Posts Of 2015My Profile

    • says

      I’m glad you’re almost there! I’ve finished inside, but somehow the porch hasn’t changed a bit. Now that it’s cold, I don’t want to go outside. I’m being such a weenie! 🙂