See How This Reader Made Her Draperies!

You seemed to enjoy when I shared the home of a fellow reader, so I thought I’d share something similar.  Susan contacted me a while back for advice about the sheers she was sewing for her dining room.

I enjoy helping people work through window treatment sewing issues.  I was able to share with Susan that her pleats and the space between can be adjusted up to certain measurements beyond the “standard” numbers.

When I contacted her again a couple of weeks ago, she agreed to share pictures of her beautiful panels and sheers.

She decided to make her sheers of question into goblet pleats.  The result is so pretty, don’t you agree?

Susan's dining room curtains

I’ve never made goblet pleats with sheer fabric, but what a success!  Susan said her previous sheers were longer – to just above the heaters (see baseboard heaters pictured below).  They collected a lot of dust, so to avoid that issue this go-around, she made these sheers to hang inside the window framing.

Susan mounted the sheers onto pre-painted white pine or mdf boards (she didn’t remember which) and used L-brackets to attach them inside the window casings.  Due to a splitting wood issue, Susan pre-drilled holes for the mounting screws.  It’s true that mill work often splits apart when you drive a screw into it without pre-drilling the holes.

Susan made the lined panels in a simple style that hang from clip rings.

Susan's Dining Room

I really like the vine-y print – similar to my guest room curtain fabric (How to Make a Curtain Header with Flounce).

Flouncy Rod Pocket Panels

Susan considers sewing to be sort a necessary evil, which is much like I feel about cleaning house!  I love having a clean house, don’t you?  Doing the job is the part I put off…until I can’t stand it anymore and get busy cleaning.

Most of us don’t sew for the joy of sewing.  It’s the joy of the results  of sewing!  Sewing gives us more bang for our buck.  That’s why we sew!

Like most of us who sew, Susan says she hoards fabric for future projects.  Ha!  Her mother taught her to sew, and – like me – she took home economics in school where they taught sewing “back in the day”.  I wonder if she made a miniature pinch pleat drapery panel like I did in my class.

Susan tackles a large sewing project about once each year as the need arises.  In addition to sewing, she loves gardening, cooking, baking, carpentry, home renovation projects, painting, and card making in her Canada abode on fifteen acres.  We have so much in common!

I think Susan should start a blog and share her many projects.  Don’t you?  Many thanks, Susan, for sharing your beautiful window treatments!

Are you as impressed with Susan’s talent as I am?  Does this encourage you to give sewing a try?












  1. robin says

    I’m impressed! They came out so nice! She should sew more!!!

    …..A sewer who hoards fabric? NAH! hahahaha
    I used to have a mug that said “She who dies with the most fabric wins” I am definitely in the running! LOL I have tubs of stuff I WILL NOT part with. They are in the “I have it just becuz” category. (Like my african print fabrics. No plans for any of it. I just like it).Then there are the “future projects I would LIKE to get to” category. Maybe when I am old. hahaha

    I, too, hate to clean. I should name my dust. LOL! But I was blessed with a daughter who is a “mad cleaner”…when she is frustrated, she cleans EVERYTHING. She took on the FRIDGE a few weeks ago. I looked up and said “Thank you, Lord!” Then I told her,”You can live here AS LONG AS YOU WANT” !!!!

    I should say I hate to DUST. Some cleaning I don’t mind. (I scrubbed stainless steel yesterday morning cuz I felt like it.) It looks like 2 months worth of dust every few days in this place! It’s nuts! We need our ductwork/AC/heater cleaned and then we won’t have this overabundance of dust everywhere. That will happen after they do the mold remediation in the basement….calling him TODAY to set that up! YAY!

    • says

      I agree, Robin. It just goes to show that even when we’re not in the mood to sew, if we push through it, the results can be stunning! Your fabric stash categories are hilarious. Haha!

  2. teresa says

    I’ve been reconstructing my garden like a mad woman this summer. I will miss it terribly, but winter will give a bit of a break to do some sewing! What an inspiring post! They look really professional.
    It’s funny, I often hate thinking about doing some things, but enjoy it once I begin. Then, I’m VERY thorough. I always love cooking and gardening, but I know a task is really bad if I prefer cleaning to doing IT.

    • says

      I’ve missed you, Teresa. You’re so smart to plan projects seasonally. And, I can relate to the part about priorities. 🙂

    • says

      I’m glad you agree, Pam. She did a great job, and she’ll get to enjoy her draperies for many years. Thanks for your encouraging support of her work. 🙂

  3. Sandy says

    Im so glad I happened across this blog site! I just moved so I have a lot of curtains to make. I’m so envious of you people who can sew! My husband bought me a sewing machine a few years ago but I’m afraid of it. I’m kind of clutzy & have a tendacy to break delicate things (like sewing machines) so I stick to more durable pieces (like power tools🙄). But don’t feel bad for b/c I can get into some serious business with my air compressor & electric tools.

    Pam’s curtains did come out nice and yes, i agree that she should blog…especially power tool projects!

    Thank you so much for the free e-book…I can’t wait to check it out!

    Sandy Rush

    • says

      Welcome, Sandy! I’m glad you are here, and you’re just in time for a big surprise coming next week. 🙂 Thanks for sharing some of your favorite spare-time activities. It sounds like you’re handy-dandy in the garage (or basement). You’re welcome for the e-book. I hope you find it helpful…always my goal. Happy weekend!