Rudolph Sledding Until After Dark – A Tablescape

When you were a kid, did you stall with going home before dark?  Did you do that when sledding?

Sledding on Ice After Dark - A Tablescape

We don’t have snow often in Mississippi.

Sledding on Ice After Dark - A Tablescape

But I have memories of mounds of snow at our house in Chicago in my very young years.

Sledding on Ice After Dark - A Tablescape

PAM can share whether she or HBD (Painter Artist Mom and Handy Builder Dad) had to drag me home at dark.

Sledding on Ice After Dark - A Tablescape

Wouldn’t we all want hot chocolate (and, of course with a candy cane) after a long day at play in the cold?

Sledding on Ice After Dark - A Tablescape

And, yes, gingerbread cookies, too.

Christmas Gingerbread Cookies

Memories come to mind of building forts (hey, I had brothers!) and having snowball battles with neighborhood kids.

Snowball Candles

Our sledding Rudolph has a broken antler from one too many snowball fights.  And very soon, he’ll have a serious job to do after dark…leading Santa’s sleigh.

Sledding on Ice After Dark - A Tablescape

He’s wrapped in a scarf stolen from my closet.  I found the two-sided scarf this season at Wal-Mart.  It’s my most recent steal/deal.

Sledding on Ice After Dark - A Tablescape

Anything to keep warm!  Even the plastic flatware looks cold!

Sledding on Ice After Dark - A Tablescape


Baby, it’s cold outside!

This Christmas table is wishful thinking, though.  Even though it was below freezing last night, our forecast predicts seventy degrees on Christmas day.  Ugh!

Are you expecting snow at your house for Christmas?





  1. says

    Kim, yes wishful thinking for snow in Alabama…I saw our forecast is 71 on Christmas Day! What a fun table that you set, my friend…love the sledding plates. I love the days leading up to Christmas! Enjoy your sweet family and we wish you a Merry Christmas’
    Pam Richardson recently posted…A Little More ChristmasMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks, Pam. The plates are another Tuesday Morning find from last year’s clearance shelf. Yes, I agree – these are wonderful days. Thanks for being a part of my day here at CQC. Merry Christmas to you, as well! 🙂

    • says

      We had a good snow on Christmas day a few years ago. We can’t ask for cold perfection every Christmas, but it’s sure nice when we get it! Merry Christmas!

  2. Joy says

    Cute table! Probably won’t have a white Christmas in North Georgia either, but one year we did and it was gorgeous. Go, Rudolph! Merry Christmas!

    • says

      Thank you, Joy. That was probably the same year we had snow on Christmas day. It was a dream come true, wasn’t it? Merry Christmas, even though we’re in for a warm one again! 🙂

  3. robin says

    The plates are cute…and I am loving the plaid mugs! And the reindeer !!! LOVE HIM!
    FYI…HobLob has 66% off a lot of the Christmas stuff this week. I finally got that sweater ribbon I wanted…to make trees with. It was originally $15. I hesitated at 50% off. I am glad I waited!!! Their plates are still too expensive even at 66% off.

    We are about to go cable free.
    We got RCA digital antennas for local channels. They work great! $20 each!
    We got a free Roku Premiere from Sling TV, bought a Roku 3 and got Ooma telo plus the linx for our phone service. We still need one more Roku.

    We still have Comcast for internet until we can find a better deal. If AT&T would offer internet here it’d be great. We still have to buy a modem. We’re getting there!

    Today’s project is to take apart a pretty dirty Chicco stroller and clean it. It’s cold so I am NOT looking forward to this! The stroller was free from CL…and my 2 month old pal Dakota needs a stroller, so….I will do it. I can’t say I won’t complain while doing it. Nobody will be here to hear me so complain away. LOL

    I’ve been having fun making ribbon trees! I am really enjoying this craft!!!
    No basement painting lately…nobody wants to do it. LOL I give up for now….won’t be done that section by Christmas unless I work all day every day. (NOT happening!) And Q is a needy mess so I can’t be down there all day and him upstairs. He is my furry toddler. ha!

    I can move stuff around so we can at least sit down there and watch tv…gotta clean the rug…that is doable. I will lay it in the DR/kitchen area and move the table over and put the gate up to keep Q from gettin in the way. He is a stalker and very nosey. hahahaha But I love the furry guy…even though he was nibbling on my cardboard cones and stole a spool of ribbon this morning. Then gives ya the “What? I didn’t do anything.” look. LOL!

    • says

      Thanks, Robin. I don’t get why plates at HobLob are so outrageously priced. Even with a coupon or sale, they’re over-priced for what you’re getting. Yay for cable (and satellite) free! It pays to do what you can with what you have available. We’ve never regretted our decision and have never been dissatisfied. I think you’ll enjoy the change. Definitely enjoy your time! The basement can wait ’til after Christmas. I know that look Quincy has…see it all the time. Merry Christmas! 🙂

    • says

      Thanks, Teresa. I thought of Halloween when I bought it. It resembles ice-cycles, so I got a bonus use out of it. Merry Christmas! 🙂