Buttoning Up an Old Bottle of Peppers

The last time I went junkin’ with Mom 2, she rushed up to me with a rooster bottle of preserved peppers in hand.

You’ve got to get this.  You need to take the peppers out and refill it.  You need  this.  Get it!  Get it!

You’ve seen Mr. Peppers in other posts, but I tried to be quiet about him.  I liked the colorful peppers inside.  He looked so handsome beside PAM’s watercolor of peppers.

Rooster with Vegetable Painting

It was a bad idea to place Mr. Peppers in “star on top” position in my Chateau Grey is Green! step-stool post.  Of course you would notice him!  (As if he could hide behind the S&P shakers. 😉 )

Painted Stool - ASCP Chateau Grey

The words of Mom 2 continued ringing in my head.

You could empty it and fill it with something fun.  You’ll think of something fabulous…

I had to find something.  The pressure was on!

In spite of all the winter painting projects going on at the time (in my kitchen), I took a break one day to empty Mr. Rooster.  Coat, rooster, and scissors in hand, I went out the door to dump rooster’s contents in the ditch at the tree line.

Sealed Bottle

Little did I know, the bottle was hermetically sealed under Mr. Rooster’s head.  Scissors were not going to do the job!

Back inside, I cut away the wax coating, removed the cork, and proceeded to pry the contents out of Mr. Rooster.  I drained the liquid, added water and jabbed things around a good bit.

Chopstick Prod

It was a long process, mashing contents blocking the opening and pulling them out.  One by one.

Removing Bottle Contents

Uh…can I return to my painting now?  Isn’t “break” time over?

Here are the tools I used to dig the peppers out.

Removal Tools

Finally, Mr. Peppers was Mr. Pepper-less.

After, you saw him perched on the completed step-stool.

Step-Stool base in Annie Sloan Chateau Grey

His waiting had begun.

Mr. Pepper-less traveled to PAM’s with me for her surgery recovery.  Thanks to my grandmother’s combined button collection, Mr. Peppers – then Mr. Pepper-less – became Mr. Buttons.  Do you remember him from my Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let Us Sew! tablescape?

Button-Filled Rooster

I should have at least added a pretty bow around his neck for the event.  I wasn’t quite finished yet, so I still didn’t mention him.  A couple of you did in your comments, though.

The original bottle had old and dusty raphe tied around his neck.  I visited the project studio for ideas and found these.

Cupcake Papers

Roosters don’t wear necklaces, but this reminds me of ruffled shirts men wore in nearly prehistoric times.  Remember the white curly wigs, too?

Mr. Rooster Strutting

Did you notice his eyes?  PAM taught me to use Sharpie™ markers for ceramics, like her cow towel rack she gave me.

The lashes are my marker additions.  😉

Cow Towel Rack

Mr. Buttons has dotted eyes now, too.

Collared Rooster

They’re much more noticeable now as he struts his stuff – buttons, collar, and eyes.  😉

Do you have decorative bottles filled with pretty peppers?  Do you have other ideas for pepper replacements?


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  1. Libba Criddle says

    I did notice Mr. Buttons in your earlier picture, and loved him. Wondered why you didn’t mention him then, but figured you had something else coming up. I love him, with peppers, or buttons and with, or without, the collar.

  2. Robin says

    You had me at ROOSTER….LOL

    My ex-father-in-law gave me “cocks comb” flowers on a regular basis back in the 80s…he was the guy who plowed the fields on the farm my ex grew up on. (Plowing STRAIGHT is a GIFT I tell ya! My plowing would be all zig-zaggy I am sure! hahaha)

    Anyway…he was my best friend for a long time. After he passed, when I would see a rooster or statue of one it would remind me of him on the farm. I grew to love roosters. (But not the kind of love where my ENTIRE kitchen was “rooster-ed up”. That would be a bit much for me. )

    Funny how I don’t like being WOKEN UP by them, tho! LOL (The farm next to our condo years ago had a pesky rooster that I heard every morning at what felt like 4am. I was like “Can’t you sleep til at LEAST 6?! GEEZ! LOL)

    I had a really cool rooster statue that I got at a yard sale. I hid his broken tail feather by positioning him a certain way. When I got divorced and downsized Mr Rooster went to the thrift shop. 🙁

    Now I just admire a rooster statue now and again.

    I love yours….and with his “new duds” (and guts!LOL) he is totally awesome!

    I had a few cute glass pieces where I could have added “stuff” inside. (I collected unique looking glass at one time.) I had a blue jar that looked like Mrs. Butterworth. The rest of those things went bye bye when I was packing up to move in 2012 to start my new “adventure” with Mr. Wonderful. 🙁 …wish I had saved a few.

    P.S. Isn’t that the knife I just used to cut the foam board for my daughter’s “Parthenon” project???!!! :-0
    The thing is great for just about ANY project, isn’t it! LOL

    • says

      Are you asking about my Cutco knife? I love my Cutco knives. I actually found 3-4 more of them for $2 at a thrift store a couple of years ago. Somebody had no idea what they had on their hands! I was one happy girl that day. 🙂

    • says

      Thank you! Yes, it was much harder to get the peppers out than expected! If I get the notion (no pun intended) to change the new look, it’ll be much easier to remove the buttons.