I Love My New Hoover Air!

Since my review of Jann Newton’s Craftsy class, I guess maybe I’m in product review mode.  I’ll not receive payment from Hoover for sharing my opinion of their product, but if you follow my link to Amazon and purchase this vacuum, I’ll receive a small commission for the sale.

There.  Now that the formalities of disclosure are out of the way, let’s move on with the review of my Hoover WindTunnel Air Steerable Upright Vacuum UH72400*.

Hoover WindTunnel UH72400

Front View

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I have nasal allergies, so when buying a vacuum, that’s a major consideration.  We have stairs, so something lightweight and easy to carry up steps is on the list, as well.  After years of using something cumbersome and difficult to manage, I was looking for a farm-dirt-durable machine with ease of use.

After buying other Hoover models from Wal-Mart and taking them home to test, I found them clunky and heavy.  Later, I spotted this model and gave her a test run down the Wal-Mart aisle.  (Yes, I received odd looks.)  It was so lightweight!

Hoover WindTunnel Air Steerable

Swivel Demonstration View

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The skateboard wheels on the back make that thing fly!  It’s very easy to maneuver with the swivel feature.

Hoover Air Steerable, Back View

Back View

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Since Wal-Mart had none in a box that day, I came home empty-handed and checked the price on Amazon.  The price is $142.49 at both WalMart and Amazon Prime.  I now know it’s worth that price since regularly using and loving  this vacuum!

Without question, I give this UH72400 model my highest recommendation.  Hoover knocked it out of the park with this one!

I always wanted to have a whole-house vac if we ever built a house.  Not anymore!  Now I want this  one…forever.

My favorite features of this model:

Extremely good suction = nice, clean floors and carpeting.

Lightweight enough to carry along stairway and vacuum with wand.

Flip one switch as you transition from carpeting to hard floors and vice-versa.

Easy to maneuver around and under furniture, even chair legs…no back and forth motion like before.

Longer cord than with others – nice!

Press one button to empty contents neatly and easily over a waste basket.

Handle becomes a short or long wand with quick change of hose location.

Wheels roll easily over carpet and floors, cutting my time and my energy used.

And, no sneezing! 🙂

One drawback:  This vacuum doesn’t roll smoothly over small mats (but do any?), whether using the hard floor or the carpeting setting.  The suction is very good…maybe too good for the mats.  It’s best to shake out mats and then vacuum what falls out under.

This video from HSN is a nice demo from their show in March, 2013, although their price was higher.  (The pet hair attachment was only for HSN customers and isn’t part of the regular package.)

I need to add that the woman in the video demonstrates only the short wand but left out the best part.  There’s another switch behind the wand that allows you to remove the wand while connected to a full 21″ extension pole.  I use that full extension wand often!

I’ll sum up my review in six words.  This is an amazing vacuum cleaner!

Here’s the Amazon link* for you to check out yourself.

If you don’t have Amazon Prime, check your local stores.  A friend recently told me she saw one cheaper at Lowe’s.  I haven’t seen one in a Lowe’s store, but I did check on-line, and it’s not a product they carry on-line.  Hoover has many models, so be sure you see this one, the UH72400.

Did I surprise you with a post about cleaning?  I don’t usually discuss cleaning, but something that eases my life should be shared so your life can be easier, too.  🙂


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*Post contains affiliate links.  See my disclosure here.



  1. teresa says

    Very nice. I originally though this was about the Hoover Constellation, or as I like to call mine, The Hoovercraft. It floats!. I use that and my Roomba robot. It’s the best; my house has never been cleaner.
    My dad has a whole house vac and loves it. I did too when I lived in Montreal. 95% of Canadian new-build has it. I never understood why it never caught on here as t’s not much different than installing HVAC ducting..just smaller.

    • says

      That’s interesting about the whole house vacs included in new homes, Teresa. Since we don’t have that standard here in the U.S., I can only imagine how nice that would be – such luxury.

  2. Robin says

    I like it! I have a Hoover carpet cleaner that is AWESOME! When I got it I named it “Hoovie” and told everybody I was now in love. hahaha