Remembering Those Who Sacrificed

I hope you have a special day planned for Memorial Day.  I’m always careful not to call it a celebration, because, of course, we don’t celebrate death.  Today is a day to honor those who gave their lives so we can live with the freedoms we enjoy.

Our pastor said it a neat way yesterday when he talked about celebrating the sacrifice that was made for our freedom to worship the One Who sacrificed His life for redemption of sin for us all.

I’m so thankful we still have that freedom!  Aren’t you?

This psalm of David looks much like something a soldier would write when heading off to war.  In fact, David was a soldier and valiant warrior, so he knew exactly what it was like to face possible death while fighting for God’s people.

Psalm 27:3-4

David’s plea was always to remain in the presence of the Lord.  David felt at home and secure in God’s house – his temple.  For Christians, death brings a gift – spending eternity with the Lord in heaven.

God wired us to cling to this life, though, so His purposes would be fulfilled here – through us.  Either way, life or death, we can choose the gift of being in God’s presence, which makes life more meaningful and death less fearful for us.  But, we must make the choice while we’re living.

Once we’ve crossed over the threshold to eternity, we either face judgment or eternity in heaven through faith in Jesus.  Jesus sacrificed His life to redeem us from the burden of sin.  If we repent and follow His ways through faith, we will spend eternity with the Lord.

Which way would you rather have it?  Now’s the time to decide.  You make the choice.

I’m thankful for those who gave their lives so I have the opportunity to share that openly.  I praise God for that, too.  Our freedom rings (through God’s mercy, power, and praise)!


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  1. Robin says

    Our church used the town parade today to pass out literature about the one who made the ULTIMATE sacrifice! Some drove in the church van while others of all ages walked and gave out the info and candy. I was not able to go…belly is still not 100%. (And I can’t be in the heat either.)

    My hubby went…him and his allergies/cold and his 1000 sneezes. LOL He rode in the van and practiced his “parade wave”. After a while he was giving waving tips to the others in the van (after he figured out how to wave continuously in a way where his arm was not hurting from holding it up. LOL! )

    • says

      That’s a great idea, Robin. I’m sorry you didn’t feel well enough yet to go along. It sounds like a lot of fun! Maybe you could have helped perfect the wave. 🙂