Refurbishing the Diagonal Desk

Months ago, this vision came to mind for the desk in this space – on a diagonal in the corner.  Getting it here was a long and windy road!

Refurbished Writing Desk

The desk was in Spunky Daughter’s room for many years.  I bought it for fifty dollars at a garage sale when she was starting school and needed (I thought) a desk for doing homework.  I covered the leather with glass so she wouldn’t damage it.

And, then one day, she hammered something.  Really?  Yes, at seven, hammering in her room!  On. That. Desk.  (Truly my child, for sure!)

Meanwhile, I found that SD did homework at the kitchen table, so the desk became her dressing table of sorts.  I made a gathered skirt and cover to turn this writing desk into a dressing table…with the new glass surface in place.

Writing Desk Becomes Dressing Table

Writing Desk Becomes Dressing Table

Later, I removed the gathered skirt.  And, even later, SD moved off to college.   Her room then became my project studio, and the desk became one of my sewing desks.

Old Desk Arrangement

That is, until I refreshed my sewing space last month.

New Sewing Space

Sewing Spaces Refreshed and Minimized

This has been one versatile and well-used desk!  And, now it’s in the Bedroom in Nature, Navy, and White – Fun Son’s old room.

New Arrangement

Notice I moved HH’s grandmother’s chest of drawers since discussing How to Dress a Dresser.  After we moved the freshly painted dresser into the kitchen, I scooted the chest in its place.

Future DIY Chest

With all the painting over the last two months, I decided to give this future DIY a rest.  For now.  I fear my mood swing has swung – to the sewing machine.

I’ve found that a room with navy and white (and nature – wood) allows you to add a pop of color to change the mood – red for a patriotic look or yellow when I’m yearning for those warm, sunny days!

Bedroom in Nature, Navy, and White

Back to the desk, when I removed the glass, the desk was in need of sprucing.  So, I got out The Natchez Solution and polished it right up.

The Natchez Solution

Now that SD is gone, I think I can leave off the glass.  I love the leather – and how well the solution cleaned and polished.  It’s simply gleaming!

The Natchez Solution

I use this polish on all my furniture once every couple of months.  It makes everything look amazing, and it seems the effort of dusting lasts longer before it’s needed again.

If you want a good, all-around furniture cleaner and polisher, you can order The Natchez Solution  from Amazon* easily.  (I’m an Amazon affiliate, so I’ll receive a teensy commission if you follow the link below.)

My mood for sewing is right on time.  Porch season is upon us, and our swing cushion needs a fresh cover.  The old one I made (3-Step DIY Bench or Swing Cushion) three and a half years ago has weathered beyond my tolerance.

What new projects are on your list?  Anything spring-y?


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  1. robin says

    I, too, like the desk there. I had to laugh at SD…the hammer! ha! …. that is the TOTAL reason I would not have any glass topped ANYTHING when my son was growing up…he def would have broken it! He loved hammers.

    Thanks for the furniture polish tip. I will keep that one in mind.

    • says

      Funny, her brother would never hammer inside. He knew where the tools were used – in the garage. I thought with a girl, the glass would be safe. Ha! Lesson learned. 🙂

    • says

      You’re welcome. A friend told me how good it was a few years ago, and I’ve used it since that time. I really like how long it lasts. Hope your Wednesday was wonderful!

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