“The Color Purple” Tablescape

Purple:  the color of good judgment; the preferred color for people seeking spiritual fulfillment.  It is believed that if you surround yourself with purple you will have peace of mind.

Purple Tablescape

Purple, the color for royalty.  It reminds me of Jesus wearing the crown of thorns and purple robe when he was presented to his accusers, a form of mocking by the Roman soldiers by dressing Jesus in a royal fashion.  The story is in John 19, if you’d like to read about it.  Fascinating!

The outside of our house is accented with purple flowers of all types.  You saw that in yesterday’s What’s Blooming Wednesday #2.  Other colors are in the mix, but purple is growing on every side of our house, and not by accident.  I love purple (but still not as much as soft powder pink!).

Every week, I’ve had a different color on my mind.  I’m traveling through thought in trends of color, and it comes out in my decor.  This week, the trend is purple.  The newly blooming purple iris started it.

Purple Iris Blooms

Actually, there are more greens and blues than purples in this tablescape.  But the centerpiece highlights the purple hydrangea blossoms in the window treatments, not normally of much notice.

Dining Room Draperies


I cannot believe how Victorian my tastes have become, y’all!  Maybe it’s a Southern thing, but I love flowers and floral fabrics, varied textures, and color.

The “runway” for the votive cups holding the purple blooms is clear of any interference.  Just a simple tablecloth with clean lines of soft yellow.  I had the idea for the plate runners this week when I was dressing the table.  Plate runners?

Tabletop View

With leftover fabric from making the window treatments, I thought I’d bring some of it to the table.  A runner under the line of blooms would detract from it, too busy.  A runway needs to be light and clean, allowing the focus to be on the line-up.

Individual place mats seemed too busy, also.  That’s how the plate runner was born – a strip of fabric for the plates to rest on a runner of sorts.  A clean strip, for symmetry.  The continuation of the window treatment fabric provided more symmetry.

The room has a couple of accessories heavy-laden with purple.  PAM (Painter Artist Mom) painted these fruit and veggie water colors several years ago (please excuse the crooked snapshots, y’all).


Watercolor Painting

I went shopping in her art room one day and came home with these for the dining room.


Fruit Painting

Do you see why I call her PAM?

I visited a new thrift store last week and discovered some new old table wear.

My secrets of thrift store shopping:

  • Search through all the shelves, over the entire store.  You’ll find matching items six rows over, trust me.
  • Load your buggy (Southern term for shopping cart, y’all) with many different items. Stuff it full!
  • Then you go to a counter and spread it all out.
  • Count your pieces, play with your dishes, frighten the workers with your over-excited hysteria.
  • Finally, pay a whole $19 for your coordinating set of seven each of dinner plates, soup bowls, bread plates, and fruit-imprinted stem ware.

The plate is Royal Norfolk.  The pattern name is microwave safe, which is a bonus.  The bowls have Totally Today, Made in China printed on the bottom (so classy), so I took it to be a sign that I should buy them.  That day.  Totally.

With no other labeling, this must be cheap stuff, but at fifty cents a bowl, who cares?  It is cheap.


Place Setting

Y’all know I love to dig in the dirt, so these garden-themed plates fit my style very well.  See the little bits of purple in those plates?  Not that I bought these specifically for a purple-highlighted tablescape, but they fit my mood during this time of year.   I really like the fruit pattern imprinted in the stem ware, too.

Wait!  I said seven and forgot to explain.  Our dining table seats six comfortably, and the store had seven (former sets of eight, perhaps?) of most pieces, so why not get all seven?  If one gets broken, I’ll have a spare.

I scrubbed them real hard when I brought the dishes home, because there was a film of gunk dirt, making them look hazy.  (Don’t let the grime condition scare you off when shopping in thrift stores.)  Now they’re all shiny and clean!

Speaking of clean, I decided not to use the bread and butter plates.  They would have caused distraction on the runway.

Table Decor in Rows

Because it is all about the runway.

Don’t you agree?

                        I’m joining several of these parties this week:

SEASONAL SUNDAY at The Tablescaper

MAKE IT PRETTY MONDAY at The Dedicated House

MAKE THE SCENE MONDAY at Alderberry Hill



INSPIRE ME TUESDAY at A Stroll Thru Life



TABLESCAPE THURSDAY at Between Naps On The Porch

OPEN HOUSE PARTY at No Minimalist Here

ANYTHING BLUE FRIDAY at The Dedicated House

WHAT TO DO WEEKENDS at Crafts ala mode

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  1. says

    Child, I am SO with you on the “plate runners.” I do that on occasion myself! It just has a nice clean look to it! I won’t comment on how jealous I am that you actually MADE yours! 🙂

    This is a gorgeous table! I’m definitely going to pin it!!! The napkin fold is totally right on, and the string of purple irises down the center is so pretty. The color combo is great (you just pulled that green and purple right on out of that fabric!), and it looks like a table where both men and women would feel totally at ease.

    I LOVE your thrifting tips!!! So funny! I am not a patient person when it comes to thrift store shopping. Maybe that’s why I seldom come away with anything good. Thrift stores around here have literally started to “clean up their act” in recent years, so it’s not nearly the smelly, dirty nightmare it used to be to go in there. There are several good ones near where I live, and I pop in whenever I have the time. The garden plates you got at the thrift store are fantastic and right up your alley!!! I love your description of them! 🙂

    Beautiful table, Kim! Have a terrific weekend!!!

    • says

      You are so sweet, Alycia, and always so encouraging! Thank you for that. 🙂 Do you mean you can actually buy plate runners? I’ve never seen them in stores. But, then again, The Land of Making Do is too far from really nice stores for fancy shopping. 😉 Here, I thought possibly I had invented something, sharpening my pencil for the patent application. (Wink again!) Anyway, you’ve been at this for so long, I need to consult with you before I ever think I’ve done something unique. As usual, the joke’s on me! I hope you have an awesome weekend, too, my friend.

  2. says

    OK, I was going to take a nap (I just got done mulching about 100 LF of flower beds) after I got off the laptop but now I am inspired….Love your table! Such a great idea with the table runners for placemats…and those glasses…Love those!!!!

  3. says

    Cute post Kim, l can just picture you in that thrift store laying your stuff out! Too funny. But seriously, your table looks beautiful and the iris blooms in the short vases is well, PERFECT, for your whimsical plates. The simple glassware takes a little of the hoity-toity out of the snobby iris beauties and brings them down to earth for your garden loving table. OK, it’s been a long day, can you tell 🙂

    • says

      Thank you, Jenna! I’m glad you like it. 🙂 Yes, I’m a casual girl most of the time. Must be the farm atmosphere that takes the formality out of me. I hope you have a blessed, restful weekend!

  4. says

    My husband says his favorite color is purple….though the only place he has any is on his blue and purple handlebar tape on his bike. Anyway…lovely tablescape. 😉 I love how you refer to the center as the runway!! You are clever!!
    About those crooked pics….don’t apologize… 😉 I don’t know which photo editor you use…but there is a ‘rotate’ on PicMonkey and I use it to straighten out my goofs. Just an FYI in case it is helpful…otherwise…discard that thought.
    Last summer I planted iris that I brought with me from NY to PA. They didn’t bloom…they don’t like to be disturbed. I’m hopeful that they will bloom again this year….and before I move. Because I am certain God has a job for my husband…soon!!
    I love all shades of white to pink to purple (blue too – since most blues lean toward purple) in the summer garden. They are so restful and a balance to the heat of the summer. Your’s sounds lovely.
    Sorry for the ramble…I’m about ready to fall asleep…. ;-/

    • says

      I like reading rambling – anytime. 🙂 Thanks for the tip about PicMonkey. I use them but assumed rotate was for 90 degrees and more, not just slight adjustments. That’s what I get for never clicking that and trying it out! I’ve been praying about your husband’s job search. It’ll be neat to see where God leads you two. Thanks for visiting!