PERFECT Perspective in a Tablescape

No, our relationships aren’t perfect.  But, they can come close.

Perfect Perspective - A Tablescape

Even in the reflection of glassware against the day’s light, there are sometimes noticeable fingerprints…smudges.

Rose Etched Compotes

Even if they’re not noticeable, imperfection is there.  And still…it is beautiful.  With its imperfection, it looks perfect to our naked eye.

Perfect Imperfection

We sometimes see a couple that seems perfect – a Barbie™ and Ken, of sorts.

Stem Ware

They stack together neatly.

Plate Stack

It’s hardly noticeable where one ends and the other begins.

Place Setting

The pattern of their lives is intricate.

French Country Dinner Plate

Each one avoids seclusion.

(Under a Cabinet Knob Cloche.)

DIY Cabinet Knob Cloche

No more hanging out alone.

Dutch Ceramic Shoe

They battle any storm.  But, we wonder.

(Faux Mercury Glass DIY)

Center Collection

Do they sometimes create storms of their own?

Full Tablescape

We’re prone to do that, aren’t we?

Seated View

How do they maintain it?  Like love birds living in PERFECT peace.

(Baby Blue Birds DIY)

Blue Birds DIY

Our Divine Perfecter brings unity from behind the scene.

Scripture Tea Towel

The love between us was designed by Him…and originated from Him first of all.  He created it all.

I hope you’ve felt His love – and the love He designed for us.  Do you show others that love?

(Embroider Note Cards of Love this Valentine’s)

Valentine Note Cards


Will you send Valentine cards of love this year?


125 px Signature

Thank you, Patricia Neely-Dorsey, for sharing your poetry with us.

I’m sharing this table at Tablescape Thursday.