The Perfect Package

Don’t you wonder what Mary was thinking that first Christmas morning – the morning after Jesus was born – the morning the sun rose on a new day and she held her baby boy?

I remember what I was thinking when my son was born.

He’s beautiful!

I was in awe…

Did Mary know the joy her son would bring to her?  Did she have an inkling of the joy He would bring to the world?

Did she have any idea what was to come through her son?

His gift to the world…our path to redemption…

The pain of seeing him sacrificed for the sins of all…

Her joy and privilege to mother Him,

yet her heart town apart in His death…

Then the rejoicing in His return,

after suffering on a cross, He arose on the third day…

She could not have had any idea the depth of pain she would endure or the height of her love and joy in Him.

John 1:14

For Christians, Christmas is all about Jesus’ birth.

But, also…we wrap His death and resurrection into that gift package.  His perfect gift to us.  The perfect package.

Thank you, Jesus.  We praise you, O Holy One!

We worship Him today, our Savior and Lord.  What a spectacular Sunday.

His blessings~



  1. Sue says

    Beautiful Kim! Loved this! If you’d like to post to t2 please do and I’ll share on the FB pages!

  2. Patricia says

    What a beautiful article. Thank you for reminding all of us to keep CHRIST in Christmas. God’s blessings to you and your loved ones. Love your site and appreciate that you are so inspired and inspiring.