Painting Class

Last August, a friend asked me to take a painting class with her.  Obviously, she didn’t know my level of talent.  I paint walls.  Love to paint walls – therapeutic even.

My mother has all the artistic talent for painting in our family.  Here’s a couple of examples hanging on my walls.


My daughter got a little confused with saying the blessing when she was young.  Mom gave us a most treasured reminder in this portrait!  She mostly likes to paint with oils, but she’s very talented with water colors, too.

Mom's Water Colors

Mom’s talents are many, and Dad’s, too.  You’ve seen his many talents in the Mantel Renovation project and the Composting  container he built for me.

Not to be left out, I’m becoming more talented every day.  Things like tripping on the sidewalk and landing on my face.   Happened again just last week.  I’ve honed that one for years, beginning with the time in college, walking down a grand staircase at the Performing Arts Center on campus.  There’s a Performed Art for ya!  The talent I’m developing is probably closer to finding a place to hide from embarrassment.  😉

Seriously, my parents encouraged a desire to learn new things, to figure things out for myself, and tackle projects rather than hiring others to do everything.  I grew up watching their examples of refinishing, renovating, and making things better with a little elbow grease and ingenuity.

So, in considering taking the painting class, I decided to try it.  Who knew?  Maybe it could be the beginning of something really great?

My friend and I had tremendous fun on that Saturday morning.  We learned what I have found to be a versatile technique.  One to be used for other things besides this whimsical cross.  So easy anyone can do it.  Even me.  The wall painter.

When I loaded up on used cabinet doors and drawers in September, I had a plan in mind for the doors.  At a dollar each at my local salvage place, that’s cheaper than any canvas I can buy.  So, here’s the cross I painted on an old cabinet door yesterday.

Whimsical Cross

Whimsical, easy, and fun, y’all!  The non-precision of this fits my talent level perfectly.  You can find the tutorial on Painting Crosses here.

The first two of the doors I painted were these lollipops for a friend’s kitchen.  I used the same “technique” for the lollipops as in the multicolored cross shown above.  Also, the backgrounds are the same technique, just different colors.

Two Lollipops

The idea was copied from wall decor at a candy shop nearby.  The border was the same, but their lollipops were solid with two colors of large swirls in them.  My “talent” needs more Saturday morning classes for painting like the candy store decor, so I changed my lollipops to my level of talent.

Three Lollipops

I left the hinges on there for hanging.  So fun, y’all.