Our Delight!

I don’t have a long, involved post today.  Sometimes we need to sit back quietly and hear from the Lord.  If you’re a woman of faith, you get that, right?

Our great God made us for His pleasure, for our praise to Him, which glorifies Him.  In our praise, He lifts us from our troubles and turmoil.

He restores my soul.

Let’s take a few moments to delight ourselves in the Lord, shall we?

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God is so good to strengthen us through His word…His music…His Son, our risen Savior.  Today, let’s rest in that.  Grab a comfy chair and maybe a cup of hot coffee or tea.  Sit back and hear what He has for you today.

He is Holy, Righteous, our All.  He is our Healer, our Counselor, our Compass, our Mighty God!  He reigns above all.  Give Him your troubles today.  He will calm your fears, heal your emotional turmoil, guide your every step, hold you securely in His hand.

More of Him…less of me.









  1. Robin says

    This is the scripture verse the Lord gave me when I told him how badly I wanted a husband. I dove right in! After I got my oldest off to school I had about an hour til my youngest had to get up. I would read my Life Principles bible and all that “extra stuff” was so great. It was in every day wording; every day stories that I could relate to. I got stronger in the Lord, I would no longer stand to be treated less than I deserved. (I was dating the wrong kinds of men who were NOT looking for a wife.) Less than a year later he paired me off with my now husband!

    I have told women that story. They are women who want a husband. And unfortunately their desire is for the husband and NOT the word. (They CAN have both!!!) So they are still single. I figure they must not want that husband bad enough. I did. I made a few BIG sacrifices in that time period. I donated all my comic books to the Boys and Girls Club, and stopped buying them altogether. (I haven’t bought one or read one since. That was over 4 years ago.) I gave up my online friends on Tagged.com. (I deleted my account. Friends bug me to go back. I won’t.) They were all a distraction.

    When we get in the word and stay in the word, our desire starts to line up with God’s desire FOR us!!! WE CAN have those things we want….as long as they are in line with what HE wants. I would NEVER have thought I was supposed to marry a PREACHER! I knew the qualities I wanted in a husband. That didn’t change. But I stopped even thinking about other things. You know how we humans do…..we have a list of what we want them to look like and act like…and maybe even what we want them to do for a living.

    God may be saying,”Well, I have a great mate for you…but he/she isn’t what you are asking for….so until you realize it isn’t all about THAT stuff…you are not ready. ” You might wait too long and miss out. And it would be your own fault!

    • says

      Amen, sister! Your story is a wonderful testimony to how God works when we align ourselves with Him. Thanks so much for sharing it. 🙂

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