Old Kitchen Chairs Get a New Look – in Amsterdam!

I hope you’re inspired by my painting projects this year and not tired of them already.  I get on a kick and keep at it until I’m sick of that one thing and then move on to my next creative urge. Meanwhile, I try to get everything done while the mood strikes.   Are you that way, too?

Very soon, with painting projects complete, I’ll get into a creative sewing mood (how I need to).  And, then we’ll be off on that tangent for weeks.  Haha!

Many of you remember my old kitchen chairs.

Old Kitchen Chairs

I found new (old from Craigslist) kitchen chairs, which involved giving our old chairs to Spunky Daughter.  The thing is, she didn’t like the cranberry color for her apartment.

After several trials of mixing colors to achieve the look SD wanted, I visited my semi-local Annie Sloan™ Chalk Paint distributor.  I discovered they have two new colors…a brown, and this green, the very color SD kept trying to describe!

Amsterdam Green

The new color will be perfect in SD’s apartment.  I enjoyed the cranberry chairs from before, but I admit…I like the green just as much, maybe more.  Do you like green?  I’m a green girl.

Amsterdam Green

This green is so rich!

I was amazed that one coat of paint took a ton of paint.  Painter Artist Mom (PAM) says green cancels out red.  So, it takes more paint to cover the red and show it as green.

Amsterdam Green

They don’t make the Amsterdam Green in a quart size yet.  So, I used four sample pots to paint two coats of paint on six chairs.

Chairs in Amsterdam Green

Then, I rubbed Minwax Paste Finishing Wax over every chair, top to bottom, over and under…ten hours total devoted to these chairs.  Think I’ll throw a celebratory party.  Want to come do a happy dance with me?  🙂

The only saving grace was that I watched TV in my kitchen while painting.  I found a new channel through our streaming on Roku – the Design Network.

Annie Sloan has a short series (six episodes) called Paint Anything , and you can even watch it on your computer here.  They truly do paint everything from an upholstered chair and vintage furniture to a scarf!  I even watched every episode twice – just because I liked it so much.

It was so fun to watch them make the transformations as I (grudgingly) plodded through painting six chairs.  Can you tell it’s not my favorite thing to paint?  It’s not.

What a disappointment to only see a few episodes.  I hope they put more out there soon!  I’m already working on my next painting project, and part of it will be done in the kitchen.  Big surprise?  Not really, right?

Do you like to paint chairs?  What’s your favorite thing to paint?










    • says

      Thank you, Pam. We’re taking them to her this afternoon. I hope her apartment is clean in case I want to snap a picture or two. 😉

  1. robin says

    The green chairs are very nice!!! I’m sure SD is going to love them!

    I have always liked green. I just did so much green years ago that I am a bit “greened-out” (read on). I love your painting posts. Don’t ever stop 🙂 I get on a roll like you do. Right now I am on a crocheting binge. AND..it’s GREEN! ha! I’m making a green/white blanket for St. Pat’s day and hope to get it done and listed to sell by the beginning of March. I really have to start doing my crafts 6 mos ahead of time. This summer I am going to really get on the ball and start fall/Christmas stuff, so that by fall I am doing Valentine’s/St Pat’s and Easter stuff…so I can sell them.

    My fave thing to paint?….The town RED!
    Pretty good one for 9 am! ha!

    But seriously…I like painting just about anything. EXCEPT the basement ceiling. Or any ceiling for that matter. LOL (It hurts my neck)

    I like painting small craft projects best. Maybe because acrylic paints don’t require a respirator that leaves marks on my face for an hour afterwards. LOL And they are quicker and you can stop in the middle without a whole lot of clean up.

    I used to watch Lynette Jennings years ago…and I would get inspired to do all kinds of painting techniques. Plastic bag painting, tortoise shell technique, sponge painting, spackled walls to look like old world walls, etc etc. My old LR was done in 3 coats…3 different colors…and thin plastic sheeting placed on the wall after each coat. My then husband came home and yelped, “What in the WORLD are you doing????!!!” It was ugly and he was not convinced it would look good. But I was. It came out GORGEOUS after all 3 coats were on and “plastic techniqued”!

    I think my all time fave painting project was in that same house. My kitchen cabinets were extremely dark laminate. (My beige tile floor was also grouted with dark brown grout…ICK! I had to live with that!) We chipped off a piece of laminate to find MAPLE UNDERNEATH! So we chipped off more laminate (And I hurt myself a lot.LOL) until I realized I could heat it up with his heat gun and it would come off in bigger pieces. EUREKA! It would not come off the doors so my then hubby made new doors. He was awesome at that stuff. We sanded then stained the cabinets one by one, to a pickled maple. They were gorgeous! We bought new hardware because the old hinges were black and on the outside of the doors. We matched the knobs to them. Silver.

    We added a GREEN countertop (very “in” in the late 90s). I painted the walls yellow, added a sunflower and birdhouse border, and painted the wrought iron kitchen table bottom and chairs GREEN. The tabletop was yellow mother of pearl. It was so pretty. I loved that table. (I got it second hand) The top was scalloped, not exactly round. I reupholstered the seats with sunflower fabric and covered it with plastic (we had a toddler so..plastic was a good thing). My front door was also GREEN back then, and so were my leather sofas and ottoman. 🙂

    Now my ex has his own home remodeling business. It figures he found his calling AFTER we got divorced. LOL I would have loved doing that stuff for a living. I could have been the design consultant/contractor’s apprentice.

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      Thanks for giving us all a laugh with the vision of you painting the town red. 🙂 I’m with you on the ceilings. They truly are the worst. Wow, you have lots of projects in mind. I didn’t know you sell your projects. What a nice way to support your “creative habit”. I was a Kitty Bartholomew girl…even still have a book or two. You and I (and PAM and HBD + probably many others) loved to paint, strip stain and refinish, update, etc., before it was totally cool. In high school, my weekends sometimes consisted of refinishing furniture rather than hanging out with friends. I was not the most popular girl in school, obviously! Anyway, I sure learned a lot. You could teach classes on faux finishing with your experience. You’ve don it all! You don’t need to be a consultant/apprentice. Just do what many of us have said before…start a website and share it all! Happy Wednesday, my fellow green girl!

  2. says

    Those came out looking wonderful! I’m glad you could fine the right color of paint. They look like new too! Any project I do I usually have to be in the mood to get going on it. Once I start I want to get it all done. I have a Roku too but didn’t know shows like that exist. I have to admit I don’t use it a lot since we still have our cable for tv.
    Liz @ Infuse With Liz recently posted…Girling It Up For Valentine’s DayMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks, Liz. We spend two weeks mixing Annie Sloan paints in my paint closet (and coming up with brown-yuk). I’m so glad they came out with this new Amsterdam Green color – just in time! 🙂

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