O Christmas Tree – a Tablescape

O Christmas Tree - a Tablescape

I’m excited to share with you our table where we’ll enjoy our Christmas meal.  I can hardly believe Christmas is almost here.

As I show you around, I’ve provided a little music for your enjoyment – if you’d like.  It’s O Christmas Tree sung by Aretha Franklin.

I decided to name this post what I did because it all started with this little scene in the corner.

Silver Chest

I’ll have to explain later about the tree molds for making ceramics you see in the background.  I painted them, since the trees didn’t show up very well when the molds were their original white.

In keeping with that theme, I went out and gathered more greenery from our yard and tree line nearby (with a little help from the dogs).

Greenery Centerpiece

The Eastern Red Cedar branches, Magnolia leaves, and even a few Elaeagnus bush branches are included in the greenery base.  I placed wax paper over the hounds tooth cloth on the table – to protect it from nasty Cedar sap.  I tried to cover the paper completely with greenery, pine cones, and a few ornaments that match the ones on the plates.

A store-bought ice-laden pine branch at each end of the table give us visions of colder weather.  I’m predicting a warm Christmas (which happens often here) because we have temperatures in the 60s and even 70 this week.  No more White Christmas Dreaming!

Frosted Greenery

The little wreath to the right above with the teeny natural elements, like pine cones, is actually an ornament.  I have six of them I normally use as napkin rings, but I liked the shiny ornaments better for the top of the Christmas tree napkin you see below.  (Tomorrow, I’m sharing the Christmas Tree Napkin Fold.)

If you have guests and would like to give favors, ornaments in the center arrangement (or the napkin ring) make a wonderful treat to remember the occasion.

Christmas Tree Napkin Fold

These tiny ornaments are usually hung in a collection from the light fixture.  I left the sheer ribbon on them because it reminds me of my ribbons I drape down our Christmas tree each year.

The place setting is rather casual this year.  I like our casual every-day china with the natural elements on the table.

Place Setting

I’ve set the teak handled bronze ware on bamboo mats.  Many types of wood are on our table!

The red charger is to accent the rim of the Better Homes and Gardens salad plate collection from Wal-Mart.  I’m using a couple of deer plates mixed with four of the farm scene plates.

Farm Scene Plates

You saw the deer and farm scene plates (along with the Redbirds) recently in Redbirds on the Farm Christmas Table.  Notice the evergreens on these farm scene plates – and one in the sleigh the Mr. is bringing home for their Christmas tree.  So homey, y’all!  Does that bring back memories for you?  (Well, OK, most of us didn’t actually have a sleigh.)  Our Christmas songs give us visions played out on this plate.

Christmas music also gives us fun Santa excitement – in his sleigh, delivering toys to all the girls and boys.

Santa in Sleigh

PAM (Painter Artist Mom) gave me this sleigh that she painted.  Here’s a close-up of the scroll-work on the sides.  Lovely, Mom!

Sleigh Artwork

Notice a few knocks of love on the edges – from many uses during Christmases past.

Santa and his sleigh are balanced by the red bowl at the opposite end of the arrangement.  These cinnamon sticks gathered by a bow are adding to the pungent fragrance collection – greenery, cinnamon-scented pine cones, cinnamon sticks…mmm!

Red Bowl with Cinnamon Sticks

The striped burlap ribbons tied on the chair backs add symmetry to the room.

Ribbons on Chair Backs

More greenery from the farm is stuck in the knots.  The two outer chairs have Cedar and Elaeagnus, and the center chair has Cedar and Magnolia leaves.  I wanted Magnolia on every chair, but I decided against it since they are upside-down and showing only brown.

The Elaeagnus leaves give a silvery appearance that draw your eye.

Chair Back Detail

Since I revealed my secret about the piano recently, I have no hesitation in letting it all hang out in my pictures.  😉

Table View with Piano

Our table is set for Christmas dinner.  Now, to decide what we’ll eat…

Christmas Table Set

What are you planning to serve for Christmas dinner?

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  1. says

    Very cute. What a great place to talk and enjoy a Christmas dinner with family. Memories created here.

    Shannon ~ bohemianjunktion.com

  2. says

    You TOTALLY rocked this table out, Kim!!!!!! I mean TOTALLY!!! It’s beautiful! I love it that you used all fresh greenery (one of the perks of living on a property such as yours!). Good thinking to put that protective layer down to protect that beautiful tablecloth!!! I love houndstooth!

    I will SO be back here to check out the tutorial for that napkin! I like to have fun napkin folds in my brain for special times.

    The knocks on the edges of the sleigh are the best! They really do bring back memories. I don’t freak when I get a little chip here or a scrape there, either…it’s all about really USING what you have!!!

    The flatware rocks! And I love the burlap ribbon treatment on the chairs!! The addition of a bit of fresh greenery makes those look even cooler!

    A+++++++++++!!!!!! Enjoy that gorgeous table this Christmas!!!

    • Kim Hood says

      Thank you very much, Alycia! I am honored to have such compliments from you, the expert! This table was so much fun to put together. And, I am now totally and completely into napkin folds. I hope you like tomorrow’s napkin fold videos as much as I do! I’ve been gone all day and didn’t have time to get to your site this morning. I will be over tonight, for sure! Sleep? Who needs sleep? It’s Christmas! 🙂

  3. The Quintessential Magpie Blog says

    Kim, this really is adorable! I love all the attention to detail and the lush, fun centerpiece. But I really love the way you folded the napkins. Sooooo cute. I am visiting from Let’s Dish. I have the snowman table!



  4. Diane says

    Such a beautiful woodland Christmas table! I, too, have stopped dreaming of a white Christmas – we just have to create it inside – lol!! Love all of the natural accents – you have done a wonderful job creating a warm and inviting table to share with your family. Merry Christmas!

  5. says

    What a lovely table! Very cozy and inviting with all the fresh greenery. Love the plates too, and I have been studying the napkin fold. I may try it, but I am challenged in that field!
    Thanks so much for linking to Let’s Dish!

  6. says

    Oh Kim, your table is a work of art from one end to the other. I hope you’ve had moments where you just stand and look and smile thinking about your handiwork and the crowd that will gather round. I’m crazy about napkin folds and would love to know how you did your tree. Great job!

    • Kim Hood says

      Thanks, Linda. I included a link on this post that takes you to today’s post about the napkin fold. It’s highlighted and underlined “Christmas Tree Napkin Fold”, I believe. I hope you can return and find it. The post has some interesting YouTube videos for a few different tutorials. You are so sweet, and I appreciate the compliments. Yes, I am excited about Christmas day. Merry Christmas to you!