New Strength

Occasionally, we have bald eagles that visit the tree lines surrounding our home.  They are amazing to watch.

Bald Eagle

This one was swooping around our trees fairly close to the house.   When flying from tree to tree, you don’t see the wing span fully.

Bald Eagle Landing

When eagles take flight across our fields, they have to travel a good distance to reach the next tree line.  How I wish I had a picture of that!

Their wings broaden.              They do not flap.              They soar.

As if carefully carrying many, now that I think about it.  Imagine how we soar when we trust in the Lord and He carries us through our troubles.

Isaiah 40:31

Do you need new strength?  I needed that this past week.  Our Father in Heaven gave me new strength.  He’ll do the same for you.

The last little sentence of this passage seems insignificant at first.

“They will walk and not faint.”

Have you ever been in a place where the simplicity of walking seemed impossible?  Where you didn’t have the strength to take the next step?

Maybe you felt unable to even stand, much less walk.  Stunned and immobilized.  Weak and weary.  Paralyzed by fear.

Our Lord is waiting for us to turn to Him for strength.  We can trust Him.

He will carry you – on His wings, by His power, in His strength…for His glory!

It is truly a spectacular Sunday, y’all.  Let us praise His Holy name!

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  1. Debbi Saunders says

    I so look forward to your Sunday posts! I, too, found myself in need of strenghth this last week, as I felt weak and weary and overcome by fear and uncertainties about my future; resulting in one of the worst anxiety attacks that I have experienced in 30yrs! but he delivered me through a Dear Christian Friend who prayed with and over me!
    I am Blessed that my Schools Campus has beautiful grounds with a stand of tall pines down by the Lake! We have for years and years had a pair of nesting Eagles! we see them up close and personal daily as there nesting tree is just feet away from our North Hall way, playground and other buildings. We watch them fish, refurbish the same nest they use each year, sit on the nest and teach there babies to fly . We all feel so blessed to share this time with them….awesome experience for the kids! Watching those magnificent birds Soar daily reminds me daily of Isaiah 40:31~~~~~~
    Thank you for sharing your faith and struggles with us weekly. He has used your blog many times to “speak” to me!
    I hope you have a wonderful week………

    • Kim says

      Thank you, Debbi! I believe we are called to help one another, and I’m glad to hear you have been encouraged by something you’ve seen here. That is my heart – more than any project or recipe. What a blessing our prayer warrior friends are to us! For me, too, it was a praying friend who prayed when I was too devastated to form the words necessary. God provided her for His purpose, and I praise Him for it.

      Your view of the eagles nest sounds amazing! How I would love to watch baby eaglets learn to fly. 🙂 You are blessed! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I enjoyed reading them very much! I hope you have a blessed week, too.

  2. says

    The pastor just shared a few weeks ago about eagles soaring and not flapping and I so wish at 10 PM that I could remember the things he said and the correlation to how we can live in God’s strength. Oh well.

    I had the opportunity about a year and a half ago to watch an eagle take off. Immediately that’s what I noticed…no flapping. Just a lifting of the wings and soaring. It’s breath-taking. And we can soar if we rest on God’s currents, too. I think about how silly an eagle would look flapping. We do that don’t we? Flap when we can soar.

    Pinky finger promise….let’s give up flapping and soar. Yes?
    Diane | An Extraordinary Day recently posted…Celebrate Your JoysMy Profile