Don’t Miss This New Pattern-Matching Technique

This is just a quick post today to share with you this great trick I saw on a YouTube video.  I’d never seen this method for matching a fabric pattern before I found the video, and I thought perhaps you haven’t, either.

I’m so glad you’re here to see this neat trick!

Don't Miss This New Pattern-Matching Technique

As always, when I see something that saves time and is an extra little help for sewing, I want to pass it along to you.

Some people sure are smart!  Aren’t they?

I decided to try this method on my own (to be sure it’s legit) before telling you about it.  I chose a fabric with a bold print that requires a horizontal match.

Fabric Pieces for Matching

I folded my top fabric piece over the bottom piece the same way the woman in the video did hers.

Folding Fabric Match

I stitched about 1/16th of an inch from the edge of the fold.

Stitching Seam

Can you see where I’m stitching in this close-up shot?

Stitching Seam, Close-up

It works like a charm!  Pretty good, huh?  (How long did it take you to find the seam?)

Seam Perfectly Matched Pattern

Since this will only work with a sewing machine, I’ll now use this method when I’m not surging a seam.

Do you like to learn how others do things?  Have you seen this technique before?

Blessings for a wonderful weekend~

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  1. Sheryll & Critters. says

    Wow, that is great, thank you ever so much. And no I have never seen or used this clever tip. I had to reread and look twice at the pictures…. too simple.

  2. Debi Weinert says

    Wow, thank you for sharing this video. The technique is brilliant. This will save time from pinning and repining when trying to match patterns before one even gets to the sewing machine. Following you!

    • says

      Yes, please do share this with her. I hope your sister will let me know what she thinks – and identify herself so I know the connection. 🙂