Muscadine Grape Juice

Muscadine Grape Juice

A friend shared some Muscadine grapes from her parents’ garden.   Their vines are of two types – the traditional deep purple and what she called Scuppernongs, which are a golden color.  Some refer to them as bronze.

Muscadine Grapes

After picking a small bucket of each type, I decided to process them the same way I’d done the Concord Grape Juice last September.  Muscadines have a thicker skin and, these at least, are more tart than Concords.  I used a little more sugar for the Muscadines, and I mashed the grapes to break open the tough skins.

Mashing Muscadines

Two years ago, a neighbor gave us a jar of Concord grape juice.  Freshly harvested grapes, home canned and shared – you can’t beat a giving neighbor! After one sip, I called my neighbor to ask how I could get some grapes the following year.

Grapes in Jars

My neighbor ordered some Concord grapes for me last year, along with her order.  She has a friend of a friend who would bring the grape orders every September.

Sugar Added to Grapes

A couple of weeks ago, I realized the grapes were late getting here, so I called my neighbor.  She had sad news.  The friend of a friend would not be bringing them this year.

Boiling Water Over Grapes

What?  I’ve waited six months for a jar of home-made Concord grape juice!  Craving it.  Looking forward to it.  Waiting for the crop to arrive.

I posted a blog post about the Real Concord Grape Juice earlier this year in hopes of showing you the process for making this delicious juice when the new grape order arrived.  I was hopeful you could get your hands on some Concord grapes, as well.

Attaching Lids

When the grapes were not to be delivered this year, I was whining explaining my disappointment to a friend.  She asked if I could make some juice with muscadine grapes.  I was willing to try, so that’s where the discussion began of collecting grapes from her parents’ garden.

For all the details about water bath canning, visit The Joy of Water Bath Canning – a Tutorial.

Scuppernong Grape Juice

Muscadines are a native Southern grape.   Many people grow them in the south.  Rich in resveratrol, these grapes offer tremendous health benefits for lowering cholesterol and coronary heart disease.  Are muscadines grown in your area of the country (world)?

My muscadine friend and her husband returned last night from a long trip –  over two weeks – on a cruise!  I made a secret delivery to their house while they were away.  I wonder if they’ll notice 12 quart jars of muscadine grape juice sitting in the corner of  her stained-glass workshop, stashed in surprise, unassuming and waiting for their trial.

Oops!  I forgot.  She reads my blog.  Oh, well, no more secret! 😉

When you’re ready to drink the juice, strain off the grapes, chill, and enjoy!

Straining Grapes

ADDED INFORMATION:  It’s Tuesday, October 15th, and I wanted you to know I tasted the juice today.  Yum!!  It’s a winner. 🙂

Delicious Muscadine Grape Juice

The juice from the purple Muscadines is my favorite.   The scuppernong tastes good, so I’ll drink both – especially now that I know how healthy this juice is.

Print the recipe here if you’d like – or PIN this post for future reference.

Muscadine Grape Juice
Cook time
Total time
A home canned juice from muscadine grapes.
Recipe type: Beverage
Cuisine: American
  • Muscadine grapes, all you can pick
  • White sugar
  • Boiling water
  • Quart-sized canning jars
  1. Measure 2 cups washed and crushed grapes into each sterilized quart jar.
  2. Add ⅓ cup sugar to each jar (1/2 cup for Concord grapes).
  3. Pour boiling water into each jar to ½ inch to fill line.
  4. Wipe rims clean, add seals and bands, and process in water bath for 10 minutes.

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    • Rhonda Allred says

      Kim, I have about three gallons of muscadines in my fridge now waiting…..I’ve already made jars and jars of both muscadine and scuppernong jelly this year. Don’t know why, but this year has been the year for muscadines and scuppernongs in this area!!!! Love the muscadine jelly warmed and poured over Blue Bell vanilla ice cream. Oh my stars!!!!!