Mother’s Day for the Motherly

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day Bible VerseSource

Many women have been blessed with children, truly a blessing from God.  But, what about those who have no children?  Does that mean God has withheld something from them?

Do you know someone who isn’t a mother but is motherly to many?  She serves others in general as she would care for her own children.

I know a few of these motherly types, and they are a blessing to many (and you know who you are).  They use their God-given gifts and talents to care for others.  Happy Mother’s Day to the motherly on this Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day to the MotherlySource

We are all given gifts that help us in serving others.  Bearing children doesn’t precede that.  Administering God’s grace.  Don’t you love that?

I pray God’s blessings for you today, the mother and the motherly.  Happy Mother’s Day on this Spectacular Sunday!

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  1. says

    Phooey….I wrote a comment and accidentally hit the backspace key and now I’m starting all over. Good grief!!! 😀

    My sweet friend…my heart stopped when I saw you wrote this very lovely Mother’s Day post. Thinking of your today and praying that God brought you some special blessings. [hugs]

    You may have surmised this from the absence of mention on my about page…but we are childless in our family. But, God has somehow in his way decided to bless us with countless children. Having been involved in youth ministry and later children’s ministry we often refer to “our” kids…though really, they aren’t. 😉

    It’s been that administration of grace that God has worked through us to influence kids and their families. We are the ones with a little extra patience to offer because we have not been up all night attending to needs, nor have we become weary from having to be consistent in discipline and guidance through those challenges all parents face. God knows best and for that we trust him and are grateful that he has used us in a big way. (Now we wait for the next step…pray for the first week of June.)

    May this week be filled with extraordinary God moments! [hugs]
    Diane | An Extraordinary Day recently posted…Giving Thanks for Mom | Joy Day!My Profile

    • Kim says

      I’m sorry you had to redo your comment – frustrating! I love what you wrote about your “kids”. I hope you realize what a blessing you have been to them and their parents. God has given you amazing insight into the challenges of parenting! Thank you for using your gifts to impact the lives of others and for your willingness to allow God to use you in a big way. Thank you for your prayers for us. I’m continuing to pray for y’all and will definitely pray for the next step for the first week of June. I pray you and Tim have an awesome week!

  2. Debbi Saunders says

    Happy Mother’s Day Kim! What a beautiful way to celebrate those who did not bear children but are so nurturing and motherly!!! I hope your day has been wonderfully blessed.
    I am so grateful that mine has been richly blessed..
    Debbi Saunders

    • Kim says

      Thank you, Debbi! I had two days of happy surprises. I’m glad you had a blessed Mother’s Day, too. 🙂