Most Popular Posts of 2014

At the end of each year, I receive statistics from WordPress on which posts were the most viewed throughout the year.  Most of the time, I’m surprised by the results.  Invariably, what I think might be a post readers will really like turns out not to be a favorite at all.

I thought it might be fun to share my most popular posts for 2014 because you might be surprised, as well.

Most Popular Posts 2014 @ Curtain Queen Creates

After my quick survey in November, the survey results confirmed that my suspicions were wrong, that you really are interested in sewing posts.  Again, the popular post statistics tell me the same thing – with three out of five favorites from the sewing category.

To be completely clear here, many visitors appear from an internet search.  With a name like Curtain Queen, along with the tutorial content, people are directed to my site specifically for sewing answers.  Those readers aren’t necessarily regular faithful readers, like you.  🙂

The 3-Step DIY Bench or Swing Cushion post has been popular since I first published the tutorial in September of 2013.  Almost every day, you will see the porch swing in my sidebar grouping of most popular posts and pages.

Surprisingly, all throughout the year, a favored tutorial post is the Hymn Book Christmas Angel.

It seems many people are interested in Matching Fabric Patterns When Sewing Seams and Stringing a Roman Shade.

The overall most popular post of the year, Why We Cut the Cord, was something sort of random I shared with you.  When I later put the post on Hometalk, many out-of-the-norm visitors appeared to check it out (almost a suddenly “viral” post).  Father Google picked up on the random nature of that type of post for my site, and my Google ranking went out the window.  But, who cares about that, right?

Cutting the cord was a DIY that transformed our TV viewing to a much cheaper option.  HH and I are still glad we made the change, and we continue to get many choices for movies and TV shows.  Since we now choose what we watch, we generally see a cleaner variety than what Mr. Network would choose for us.  Big difference.

What’s ahead for 2015?

My upstairs transformation was interrupted by Christmas decoration boxes, and then Fun Son’s furniture came home for a move into a furnished place.  As soon as I complete the sorting and putting away, I’ll finish things up and show you the new window treatments and other fun decor items.  I’m excited about getting it all put together for you in January.

I’ll have many recipes to share, more soups and meals for cold-weather comfort.  I’ve been practicing some biscuit-making techniques and will share that very soon.

Several readers have joined the Jubilee Journey challenge.  If you’d like to come along, you’ve got time to join before the new year begins.  All the links you need are provided in Sunday’s post, so read about it, follow the blog, and join the Facebook group.

While participating with the Jubilee Journey group throughout the year, nothing will change here at all.  I’ll continue my regular schedule of posting.

Thank you for making 2014 such a fun blogging year.  Your kind, informative comments and encouragement are so meaningful to me.  I look forward to another year of sharing whatever lies ahead, for you nor I never know what new project will pop into my mind next!

May your 2015 be happy and blessed!




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      Yes, I know what you mean…curiosity killed the cat. Thanks for following along, Liz. Your decorative touches you share on your blog inspire me so much. I wish a happy and blessed New Year for you, too!

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    hi Kim, I think your wisdom for 2015 is very inspiring~2014 has been a challenging year for us, we seemed to have more crisis than usual and we’ve decided to keep it simple next year…I agree, sometimes I am shocked at the popularity of a post, but the surprise factor is fun! I am looking forward to another year of blogging with you. Thank you for your many kind comments and the ideas, recipes and inspirations you give me! Happy New Year!
    Jenna recently posted…Holidays, Winter & Spring Holiday Give Away!My Profile

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      Happy New Year to you, too, Jenna! You are my number 1 commenter, according to the stats. I’m not surprised by that at all…thank you for following along and chatting with me regularly. New friendships through blogging are always a fresh blessing to me. Thanks for inspiring me in so many ways! I pray 2015 will be a blessed year for you and your family.

  2. Sheryll & Critters. says

    I am wishing you a wonderful new year Kim and Family. I am a very qualified seamstress, but now too lazy to do much sewing and I can say you are the best seamstress and the most excellent instructor. If someone can’t follow your great tutorials, they just did not pay attention at all. I shared on FB one or maybe more of your blogs. You are really great in more ways than a few.

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      Thanks, Sheryll. I appreciate you very much…you’ve followed along and encouraged me so much this year. Thank you for sharing some posts on Facebook! Have your pups arrived yet? Please keep me posted. Happy New Year to you and your pets! 🙂

      • Sheryll & Critters. says

        Hey Kim,

        Yes, my darling grand pups arrived early Christmas Morning. I am so thrilled. I tried to email you the pics I took at a day and a half old……. but pc is not working well. I will have to take some more and try again. I go by Sheryll Lyn on FB if you have the time to take a peek at them there. I need new ones already anyway, so will try again when I get more pics.

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          What wonderful Christmas presents! I’ll have to get on Facebook and check out your puppy pics. I’m glad they are healthy and all went well. 🙂