Our Old Ladder Christmas

Are you finished decorating for Christmas?  If you’re like me, you may be running behind this year.  I was out of town much of last week just after the long Thanksgiving weekend with visitors.

I started decorating the tree before leaving town, but the outside had to wait until now.

I usually tie red bows onto the lamp posts, but this year I added wreaths.

Country Christmas House

Do you love the look of having a wreath on every window?  I do!  But, out in the country, we don’t have a street with people driving by.  So, for the few who come to our house, a little welcome is in order as they enter the walkway from the front parking area.

I’ve never wrapped the columns before, but this is something Spunky Daughter has asked for since we moved here.  It really wasn’t that hard to do.  But, I’m still not sure I like the look.  For this year, we’re going with it!  It’s all for SD!

Mesh-Wrapped Columns

I used the leftovers from a roll of 18-inch mesh, folded it in half, tied the ends with wire, and wired the ends to each pole.  Pretty easy!  Why didn’t I do this sooner?

Remember the porch ladder I revived earlier this year?

Painted Ladder Porch Decor

Revive an Old Ladder with Pretty Paint

That’s what’s under the greenery and accessories beside the front door.

Christmas Ladder and Wreath

I simply added a little greenery (How to NOT Pay $100 For Garland) and a few accessories,

Christmas Mesh Bow and Magnolia Leaves

natural ornaments,

Natural Ornaments

and my JOY sign from last year (This Country Christmas).  The reverse side is “HO to the power of 3”.

JOY Sign

The bird house was already in place, so I left it there (after removing the old hornet’s nest that was inside – yikes!).  Just for this picture, I added Patricia Neely-Dorsey’s poetry books.  She loves her books in pictures with Magnolia leaves!  🙂

Bird House Church

I haven’t mentioned our new dog yet, but I’ll share more about him soon.  His name is Renovation Winston.  We call him Winston, but you’ll see the renovation part of his name when I show you before and after pictures.

Now that Winston’s renovation is almost complete, he’s getting into things.  He drags everything off the porches and into the yard.  Ugh – training a new dog is work!  (Good thing he’s sweet-natured and a little cute!)

Christmas Ladder

I added the candy cane as a distraction.  It’s a huge raw-hide bone from Wal-Mart.  Could be the best ten bucks I’ve spent – ha!  That should keep Winston busy for a while.

Dog Bone Candy Cane

Wednesday, we’ll take a closer look at the wreath on the door.  I mentioned earlier that tomorrow, we’ll discuss greenery.  It’ll be such a fun week!

Later this week, I have an exciting announcement about a give-away – just for you.  (Merry Christmas to you!)

Do you have pets that mess with your decorations?  Do you need distractions for them?


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  1. Libba says

    Love this and I do like SD’s idea of wrapping the posts. I’ve wanted to do that with mine but just never have. Did you paint the green on the pine cone and is that snow that you sprayed on them? I like those too. I have plenty pine cones but don’t know that I’ll do anything else this year.

    • says

      Thank you, Mrs. C. The pine cones I added are fake decorations I bought, and one was from last year – the fake snow one. They are large ornaments, actually. I strung them with twine. It would have been smart to make my own, though! 🙂

    • says

      Thank you! When we lived in a neighborhood, I wanted to place wreaths on every window of our “five, four, and a door”. After moving to The Land of Making Do, I decided it would be a waste. I love driving through small towns with wreaths and ribbons decorating the lamp posts, so that was my inspiration for ours. I’m so glad you visit me, Pam! 🙂